Wedding Gifts

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Wedding Gifts

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Choosing wedding gifts can be incredibly difficult. Traditionally, wedding giftshave tended to be centred around the home; guests would opt for kitchenware, towels, bedding and other household items. In 2011, however, many couples have a already set up home long before getting married and so trying to select a gift that they both want and need can be very tricky indeed.

Of course, many couples opt to compile a wedding list of items that they like, however it is also true that very often the items displayed on wedding lists can be beyond the budget of some of the guests. The challenge lies in finding a gift that is affordable but also desirable, and the wedding gift hamper can offer an ideal solution.

Putting together a hamperthat includes a selection of quirky, unusual, carefully selected items can make a huge impact, admittedly not the same impact as the his & hers Rolex watches (that were strangely the only remaining item on the wedding list!), but this is a case where the thought really does count. A beautiful photo frame for displaying the wedding photographs can be a lovely wedding gift and a perfect addition to awedding hamper, his & hers personalised items are always a winner and of course you can’t go wrong with champagne!

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