Unique Gift Ideas

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Unique Gift Ideas

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Unique Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Everyone wants to purchase a friend or loved one a unique gift. Something that no one else has thought of and that will be special to the recipient. Finding gift ideas unique in nature is not always easy.

Rarely is the “hottest” gift unique. It is simply the “must-have” gift at the time. A truly “different” gift is one that holds a special memory or meaning to both the gift giver and the recipient of the gift.

Finding unique gifts used to be much harder than it is today. With the Internet at your fingertips, just about any unique present can be found. Without ever leaving your home, you can explore the world and find just the right unique item.

Unique Gift Ideas for Men

One of my favorite unique gift ideas is purchasing a gift from an exotic department store. Aspinal of London has many unique gifts for men. Not only does Aspinal carry men’s clothing that is hand-tailored in London, they also carry unique items guaranteed to “fit” any type of man. For the golfer, they have cunning leather tee wallets.

These hand-crafted wallets are made of the finest leather and are able to hold up to four hand-carved tees. For the hunter, they carry leather gun license wallets. Imagine how proud your male friends will be to carry their hunting license in this hand-sewn imported leather wallet.

Got a male friend that feels the “need for speed?” You may not be able to get him a Grand Prix race car, but Aspinal carries the hand-stitched leather driving gloves that are duplicates of the ones used in the Grand Prix auto races.

Unique Gift Ideas for Women

Fossil carries unique gifts for women and for men. They pride themselves on quality and I have found some wonderful gifts on this site. Fossil specializes in elegant timepieces that can be hand-crafted to your specifications. With everything from rose crystal watches, to watches that can handle the deep-sea pressure of scuba diving, Fossil has a watch for everyone. Besides watches, they carry leather tablet sleeves to fit both laptops and iPads and leather and canvas messenger bags.

Other unique presents you can find on the Internet include LED sprinkler systems. Now your recipient can enjoy a light show as he or she waters the lawn. Kohl’s often carries these and other unique presents.

They specialize in unique gift ideas like battery operated blenders. You can enjoy ice-cold margaritas while tailgating with these. Other ideas include private gumball machines and martini sets. Purchase a martini set from Kohl’s, add an assortment of your recipient’s favorite whiskeys or liquors and you have a personal mini-bar.

Unique Personal Gifts

You may want to consider purchasing unique personal gifts for your friend or loved one. Often, these gifts won’t mean a thing to anyone besides the two of you and they don’t always have to cost a lot of money. Perhaps a family member or friend had a favorite book while growing up. Consider checking out Barnes and Nobles new classic and signed collection.

You can choose from a vast array of books that have been signed by the author. While many are very expensive, there are also choices for the budget-conscious. In addition, Barnes and Noble has also opened an online division that allows buyers to purchase first edition books and out-of-print books. Imagine surprising the book lover in your life with one of these.

Unique Gift Baskets

Another unique gift idea is arranging your own unique gift basket. There are many sites on the Internet that will arrange and ship unique gift baskets. You can choose from fruit baskets with unique candies and exotic fruits or specialty coffee companies.

Boca Java allows the buyer to create their own unique blend of coffee and allows the buyer to design the coffee labels and the basket. Other unique gift baskets include tailgate baskets for the football fan and grill baskets for the outdoorsman. Be sure to check out my webpage on gift baskets for hundreds of ideas.

Jewelry that has been hand-crafted by a local artisan is another unique gift idea. Many jewelry sites on the Internet feature one-of-a-kind jewelry. Women will love the idea of having a piece of jewelry no other woman owns.

Whether you are looking for expensive jewelry pieces containing hand-cut diamonds and other precious stones or are looking for semi-precious stones set in silver, you are sure to find a wide variety of one-of-a-kind gifts.

Think about the interests of the recipient when selecting the gift you wish to give. If he is a lover of stars “adopt” a star and name it for him. If she is a lover of animals, donate in her name to the World Wildlife Fund. Regardless of your choices, remember there are items on each website to suit any type of budget. Unique does not have to equal expensive.

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