Types of Ribbons Available in the Market

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Types of Ribbons Available in the Market

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If you are involved in the art of decoration, then you would know the importance of ribbons. This is one of the most useful items of decoration and art that has been in use. From braiding long and silky hair to tying over gifts, ribbons have been used for various purposes. What makes them such a popular item is the fact that these are not only items of immense utility but also a very glamorous looking addition to an item. From bags, gowns, party decorations, gift wrapping packages to basic materials used for making other decorative stuff, the ribbon is there everywhere. These come in a wide variety of colors and are of different types. Let us take a look at some of the top kinds of ribbons.

Crochet: This is one of the oldest kinds of ribbons that have been in use for a long time. Bearing a very close resemblance to the lace, the crochet ribbon comes in various widths. These are created by a special stitching technique that uses a thread and its knots to create a pattern. You will often find these with flowery patterns, which are done in an extremely perfect manner. They are mainly used on gowns as edges of the same.

Tulle:  The tulle is a special type of fabric which is hard and therefore easy to handle when shaped in a particular manner. It is basically a crepe material which is heavily starched. The tulle ribbon is basically used for flower making purposes. They are also used in abundance in tote bags or trimming hats.  This kind of ribbons come primarily is pastel shades and are also used on wedding gowns.

Non woven: These are commonly used on gift as a wrapping tie or bows. Most bows are created with the help of these ribbons. Either made with paper or light sheets of metals, these give a very glossy or metallic look. Sometimes decorative fringes are created by shredding these ribbons.

Sheer: These kinds of ribbons are made of any kind of crepe material like organdie or even chiffon. These are more often than not woven very loosely to give out a dreamy look. Sometimes these are also woven with contracting colored materials to add on a romantic effect to the final product. The tulle ribbon is clubbed under this category as well.

Satin: This is one of the most popularly used ribbons. However, since these are the top choices, they also tend to be very expensive. The satin ribbon can basically be classified in to two types. The first type is the one where one side of the ribbon is satin and the other has a matte effect. The other type is where both the sides are satin and have a glossy effect. These are obviously more expensive than the other.

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