Tips on Creating Pecan Pralines

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Tips on Creating Pecan Pralines

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If you are planning to give your friends and family some treats, then the inclusion of Pralines is necessary. They can be fitted into any occasion and are quite popular. After all, this can be the best homemade kitchen gift that can be offered to the invitees.

The only thing you need to do is to arrange for all the necessary ingredients that are required in creating this item. All you have to do is just get all the required ingredients in making such a beautiful confectionary dish. After arranging for all the ingredients, you need to perform a little bit of mixing. After the ingredients are all properly mixed up, you need to put it onto the fire for a mild heating.

The delicious homemade sweet dish is ready to get served. If you are confused about the preparation procedure, then here I present before you the entire recipe to prepare those delicious pecan pralines.

The ingredients that will be required to prepare 36 small pralines are as follows:

  1. Granulated sugar – 2 cups
  2. Dark/light brown sugar – 2 cups
  3. Evaporated milk – 1 cup
  4. Pecan Halves – 2 cups

Take up a saucepan (medium or large) and heat it with a medium to low flame. Take up a bowl and mix up the evaporated milk, granulated sugar, and brow sugar. The mixing needs to be done in a steady way. Put the entire mixture over the saucepan and cook it while stirring on a constant basis.

After the temperature reaches 236 degree Fahrenheit, remove the saucepan from the heat and place it on a cold surface. After the mixture has been cooled off, beat it with a large spoon for approximately 1 minute. Then take up a buttered wax paper and place the pecans that are stirred in the sugar mixture. It needs to be done fast, or the mixture may be thick.

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