Sympathy Gift Ideas

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Sympathy Gift Ideas

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When a friend or family member suffers the devastating loss of a loved one, one way to express condolences is by sending or giving a sympathy gift. A sympathy gift is a tangible token that can be held or used by the one experiencing grief. A sympathy gift assures the recipient that they are not alone and that others care for them. Often, it can be difficult to decide on the correct bereavement gift ideas. Your gift choice will often depend on how close your relationship is with the person experiencing the loss. Included here are a few gift ideas that vary according to your relationship with the other person.

For family members purchasing gifts for other family members, the gift should be personal. A few sympathy gift ideas for close family members could include items such as:

Sympathy Gift Baskets

A sympathy gift basket for a close family member or friend going through the pain of the loss of a loved one can be homemade or store bought. Many places offer food and fruit baskets for the bereaved. These may include an assortment of gourmet foods and wines.

Although not technically a basket, chef prepared meals are also a good choice. In fact, DineWise is one of the most popular bereavement choices on this page.

This gift idea offers one less thing for the family member to worry about. It has also been my experience that people may not eat well during times of sympathy.

A homemade gift basket with comforting soups and warm blankets is another nice choice. Food reaches the heart like no other gift, and having gourmet chefprepared meals on hand makes it easy to feed visiting relatives.

Angel Statues and Catholic Gift Ideas

An angel statue inscribed with either a Bible verse or an inspirational verse is also a tasteful condolence gift. The angel and the verse can stand as a reminder to the person going though the loss that hope is always available. Catholic grief and condolence gifts might help make a tough occasion a little more tolerable and help the family members grieving through religious means. A rosary, a prayer card, or a holy medal are all appropriate condolence gifts for Catholics. Nearly all Catholic supply shops provide a variety of condolence-specific products for all of these situations.

Jerusalem Stone is a unique company that importsauthentic stone from Jerusalem. It is the same stone that has been, and continues to be, revered by all faiths and denominations that trace their religious roots back to the Holy Land for centuries.

The company creates amazing products from this stone including angels, crosses, crucifixes, jewelry, and prayer stones, which is my favorite choice. Any stone can be personalized with a unique message, including a passage from your bible.

Hand made gifts from the Holy Land may be a great sympathy gift idea for any religious person. They have a tremendous selection.

In Loving Memory Gifts

Memory gifts such as wind chimes or inscribed picture frames can be presented. A picture frame can be inscribed and a picture of the loved one inserted. A wind chime can be presented with a note and used as a reminder of happier times the two shared. Memory gifts are not limited to wind chime and picture frames. An inscribed plaque, a woven throw, or an engraved message band are all gifts that offer hope and memories.

Those who are purchasing gifts for friends or neighbors may choose among thesebereavement gift ideas:

Remembrance Teddy Bears

Children and adults alike will find comfort in a warm bear that they can snuggle and cry into.

A Display Case for Flags

Flag display cases are a wonderful gift choice if the person lost was either currently serving in the Armed Forces or if he or she was a veteran. Family members are given the burial flag provided by the government after the service and a nice display case offers them the means to showcase the flag.


A donation made to the charity the lost one supported or to a charity that supports a cause near to the lost one is a nice memorial. Your friend or neighbor can find comfort knowing that their loved one has been remembered in this manner. In several cases, families could state they do not want people to spend money on flower arrangements, or any other kinds of bereavement gifts.

Some people believe that the money you would spend is much better invested through the charitable organization. Family members which prefer this type of thought will usually make their request public, and you should also make your contributions in the name of the individual who has passed on.

Those who need to purchase gifts for distant relatives or co-workers may have a difficult time deciding upon a gift. Perhaps you don’t know the bereaved well enough to know their likes and dislikes. Here are some tasteful condolence gift ideas:

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree in the name of the lost one is a way for their memory to be kept alive. This grieving gift can shine over your remembrances, pictures, and keepsakes which have been set aside to respect the memory of the deceased. A living memorial tree represents strength and endurance simply because these types of memorial gifts possess the possibility to last centuries. Anyone may choose from sorts of numerous memorial tree gifts along with an accompanying personalized gift card or engraved tree tag.


There are many inspirational books available that touch on grief, loss, and hope. These can often offer comfort. Another book idea is a nicely bound, blank journal for the bereaved to use to write their thoughts and feelings.

Card and Flowers

A touching card with a hand-written message and a bouquet of flowers lets your co-worker or distant relative know they are in your thoughts.

The general accepted etiquette for sympathy gifts is to remember that the closer the relationship, the more personal the gift. Choosing a condolence gift is never fun. However, it is a comfort for the bereaved to know that they are being remembered. Grief can often feel isolating. A sympathy gift is a way of letting them know they are not alone with their grief and that others care.

Bakery and Cookie Gifts

If I know that there will be kids around, I always send some delicious cookies. Don’t underestimate how many of the older “kids” will gobble these down too.Mrs. Fields is a lovely shop for everything from gourmet cookies and cakes to brownies, and much, much more. If you want to cater tastes of all ages, you may wish to consider this option.

I have always found herb tea and coffee gift baskets are unexpected and welcomes condolence gift suggestions. Tea is known for calming the soul.

Don’t Forget To Send Your Personal Card

In addition to your gift, be sure to give a private card conveying your own sincere emotions. Write your condolences directly from the heart, and the beneficiary is certain to to recognize your gesture. Be authentic and let them know that you are there for them, if they need you for any kind of assistance or help.

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