Sport Gifts Ideas

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Sport Gifts Ideas

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Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

Sports fans can be some of the easiest people to gift. If you know what teams and sports they like, you can’t go wrong. However, if you are unsure who they “pull” for, then just buy a generic gift, such as a gift certificate.

There is nothing worse than buying a gift with the wrong team or wrong sport on it for a die-hard fan. One of the more typical gift ideas for sport fans includes anything with their favorite team or athlete’s logo on it. This sports gift opens an entire world. With the licensing agreements that have been made, there are thousands of logo gifts to choose from.

Sports Clothing

Your sports fan can do everything from drinking from his favorite team or athlete’s water bottle to wrapping himself up in a beach towel. Clothing with the logo on it is another idea. There is no sports fan out there who would not appreciate another t-shirt, jacket, or sweatshirt to add to his or her collection.

Many shoe companies, such as Converse and Nike allow you to special design and order shoes. You can get your sports fan a pair of customized, unique shoes that either support his or her favorite team, favorite sport, or favorite athlete.

Tickets to Sporting Events

If you are looking for sports gifts ideas that do not include clothing or items with the logo on it, then there are plenty of other gifts that can be given. If you have the funds, tickets are wonderful gifts. Whether your sports fanatic is a golf fan, NASCAR fan, baseball, basketball, or football fan, tickets are the way to go.

There is not a golf fan alive that would not love tickets to the Masters. Likewise, NASCAR fans will love tickets to one of the many races. In the early part of the season, tickets to baseball, football, and basketball games can be affordable.

Sports Equipment Gifts

If your sports fan is a fan of golf, there are many unique golf gifts for men. These gifts not only include traditional gifts such as tickets to a game, but also include golfing gifts you can give that will enable him to take up the game of golf. Present him with green fees, clubs, and a bucket of balls. If he is already an avid golfer, personalized golf tees and balls are a gift that will be appreciated.

Other sports fan gifts can include items such as a football, baseball, or basketball signed by his or her favorite team. One of the best gifts I ever got my mother was a tire from her favorite NASCAR driver’s auto.

If your sports fan enjoys sitting and watching the game from home, consider remote controls for the television in the shape of his or her favorite sport. Chip and dip plates that are shaped like golf clubs, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and automobiles are another choice.

Tailgating Gift Ideas

If your sports fan is the type that holds parties on sporting days or is the type that goes to the games and tailgates, consider food. Steaks that are ordered and delivered fresh are going to please the tailgater. Perhaps a gift basket that has been designed with the tailgater in mind should be considered.

If your sports fan is a reader, consider a gift to any of the sporting magazines that are on the market. Many athletes, coaches, and teams have also written books or had books written about them. Coffee table books or pictorial books are another sports gift idea.

Sports Jewelry

Another popular genre of sports gifts is jewelry. Sports jewelry ideas range from replicas of championship rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, even belt buckles.

Of course, if you are still stumped, gift certificates to popular sporting good stores are always appreciated. There, your sports fan can either purchase his or her own sporting equipment or he or she can purchase sports memorabilia. The majority of sporting goods stores carry both.

The wonderful thing about purchasing gifts for sports fans is that there are so many gifts to choose from. Gifts that range from the traditional such as jersey’s or tees to gifts that are unique to say the least, such as body paint for faces and chests or hats with fake hair in the team colors.

If you still can’t think of a thing to give, consider the gift of a CD with “pumped-up” music to get the fan psyched for the big day, or an inspirational DVD based on sports, such as “Facing the Giants,” “Rudy,” or “Remember the Titans.”

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