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Romantic Gifts

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When a special Anniversary is approaching, a Birthday, or Valentine’s Day, women and men alike begin searching for romantic gift ideas. Although statistics have shown more women than men search for ideas for romantic gifts, men more often need help in picking out the perfect romantic gifts.

The typical romantic gifts for women include flowers and candy, while women often fall back on power tools. Power tools, while handy gifts, can certainly never be thought of as romantic gifts for men. Here hopes this guide helps you the next time you need an idea for a romantic gift.

Romantic Gifts for Him

Coming up with romantic ideas for him can often be difficult. Candlelight dinners and flowers may appeal to him, and he may enjoy them, but he probably is not going to get excited over these choices. It is a fact that men do generally love food, so instead of the traditional box of chocolates, why not look for his favorite candy that he enjoyed as a child.

Hard to find candy choices can generally be searched out on the Internet, and what better way to say “I Love You” than by showing him you really listened when he raved about the candy he loved as a child? Other food choices can include professional chef prepared meals such as those delivered by DineWise, or choices such as cookie or fruit bouquets.

Other romantic gifts for him include tickets to an event he may want to attend, but may be too embarrassed to attend. If he is a big fan of gaming, tickets to BlizzCon are a choice. Does he like comic books or “Star Trek?” Consider investing in tickets to the next ComicCon or “Star Trek” convention. Make the gift even better by buying tickets for two and going with him.

Offer to indulge in one of his fantasies and order some lingerie, candles, and promise him anything he desires, within reason and your comfort zone, and close the doors, turn off the phones, computers, and refuse to answer the door. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of doing this at home, rent an elegant hotel room and move his private party there. Often, when faced with unfamiliar surroundings, we are more liable to release our inhibitions.

Is he complaining of the cold in the winter or the heat in the summer? Contact his boss, privately, and arrange for him to take a day off early on a Friday. Arrive to pick him up at work and whisk him off to either a tropical beach location or a cool mountain hide-away.

Pack his favorite clothes and have the car ready to go. If you know there is a particular place he has wanted to visit, arrange the trip to that location. Let him pick the activities and places to dine and agree not to complain about any of his choices.

Romantic Gifts for Her

Choosing romantic gifts for her is usually not as hard as men often think. Women love indulgent gifts such as nice jewelry, fine chocolates, and flowers. Granted, these are the traditional romantic gifts for women, but tradition can be nice. All women love jewelry and most love candy and flowers as well. Women especially enjoy having flowers delivered to them at work.

While cards are nice, surprise her with a hand-written card. You can print off a special picture of the two of you on the computer on card-stock. Then fold it over and write a simple letter letting her know your true feelings. Don’t be afraid to be romantic when you write. It will be a card that she will treasure more than any off-the-rack card you could ever find.

Consider writing her a letter and placing it in a glass bottle. Present her with her very own “Message in a Bottle.” Be sure you make two copies of the letter, one for the bottle and one for her to read.

Show her you realize all that she does around the home. Give her the gift of time and relaxation. Hire a maid service for the day to do the cleaning and send her off to the spa, or order a gourmet meal for her from DineWise and let her relax while you set the table and light the candles. Offer to watch the children for her so she can have a “girls night.” Better yet, hire a sitter and take her to something that she enjoys, but doesn’t often get to indulge in.

Perhaps tickets to a musical or a romantic-comedy. Accompany her to the theater or movies and promise that you won’t make fun of the show. Buy her popcorn and soda or a glass of wine if offered.

Does she love flowers or dogs? Take her to the local botanical gardens to see the flowers. Pack an elegant picnic lunch, or have one catered. If she is fond of Fido, find a local dog show and take her to see the dog show. You may even consider taking her to the local animal shelter and adopting a pet.

A gift for both of you would be a long, indulgent bubble bath, complete with romantic music, chilled champagne, and candlelight. Add his-and-her massages after the bath and who knows where the evening might lead? Indulge in some top-of-the-line massage oils and bubble bath. Soft, comfy robes will complete the spa effect.

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