Retirement Gift Ideas

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Retirement Gift Ideas

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Retirement should be one of the happiest times in a person’s life. After all, the retiree has “done his time” and put in a lifetime of work. It should be cause for celebration that the person now has time to live his or her life in a way that he wants. Choosing the proper gift to mark this milestone can cause our anxiety level to rise. After all, we want to honor our retiree.

The perfect gift can depend upon whether the retiree is a boss or co-worker or a friend or loved one. When selecting a retirement gift for a boss or co-worker, look for retirement gift ideas that recognize the retiree’s importance and value to your place of business.

If selecting a retirement gift for a friend or loved one, try to think of retirement gift ideas that will enhance your retiree’s quality of life as the retiree moves into this new life-phase.

Traditional Retirement Gift Ideas

A traditional retirement gift idea for a boss or co-worker is a gold watch. This gift symbolizes the fact that time is now available for the retiree to spend as he or she wishes. It is also one of the top choices amongengraved retirement gifts. Having the watch engraved with the years of service is a classy touch.

Another retirement gift idea is having all co-workers and colleagues submit their favorite pictures of the boss or co-worker. Then have them write a personal note to the retiree. The pictures can either be arranged into a collage and placed in a frame or placed into a scrapbook along with the notes.

Personalized Retirement Gift Ideas

This is one of my favorite of all the personalized gift ideas. Other ideas forpersonalized retirement gifts include having a plaque or crystal bowl engraved for the retiree.

If the retiree is a friend or family member, you have many ideas forretirement gifts to choose from. After all, who knows the retiree and his or her plans better than you? Is the retiree planning on taking a trip? A set of matched luggage is a great idea.

How about getting the entire family to chip in for a cruise or other type of vacation? A cruise or vacation of some other sort is not only a wonderful gift, it also allows the retiree and spouse, if applicable, to have time to make the transition from the working world to a “life of leisure.”

Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Men have a harder time with retirement than women. They feel unsure about how to spend their extra time. Do you know his hobbies or anything he has expressed interest in? If he is an avid golfer, a new set of clubs or golfing bag make nice retirement gifts for men.

If he likes to travel, consider a travel gift basket. Include a shaving kit and an engraved, leather passport holder. Throw in a couple of tourist guides and your gift basket is complete. Potted plants that he can replant into a garden are another gift idea. Let him get his hands dirty and explore a new hobby. Other ideas include reading materials, puzzles, and games.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Retirement gifts for women take as much thought, but are easier to choose. Let her fully retire for a month. Give her the gift of DineWise chefprepared meals and allow her to take a small retirement from cooking. Women also love gardening, so give her a retirement gift basket loaded with gardening supplies.

Does she have another hobby such as sewing or quilting? Have a gift basket designed for her that includes quilting and sewing supplies.

Perhaps there is something she has always wanted to do or a hobby she has always wanted to explore, such as painting or gourmet cooking. Look around at local craft shops and cooking stores. Often, these types of stores hold special classes that can be taken.

Enroll both men and women in extension learning classes at a local community college. They can learn things such as another language, basic computer skills, or even take a course in a subject in which they are interested.

Know a history buff or someone who loves to write? They may be interested in expanding their knowledge. Taking college courses and learning new skills are unique retirement gifts that will enable the retiree to keep active and busy.

Don’t discount funny retirement gifts. T-shirts with “gag” sayings touting retired life are popular. Other funny retirement gifts include mugs with funny sayings, vitamins for retired people, clocks with no hands, and retirement license plates.

Sometimes people who have retired have no idea of what to do with themselves. Help ease the transition into retirement by interesting them in a hobby or activity. Give them a gym membership or suggest ideas for volunteering. Let them know they are still useful, functioning members of society.

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