Product Review: Sports Team Ring Top Paperweight

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Product Review: Sports Team Ring Top Paperweight

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Here is a pretty unique item that piqued my curiosity and would be a perfect gift for men. I sit at a desk all day, papers everywhere; wife complains all the time. So naturally, I like desk stuff, plus I’m a sucker for anything Redskins. So anyway I found this paperweight from The Sports Jewelry Superstore. It is designed to look like the top of a signet ring. Kind of neat, so for $20 I was in.

The item shipped quickly and I had it in hand in just a few days. It arrived in a padded envelope with some bubble wrap. The packaging did the job, but it was a little less than I expected.

This item is beautiful and well detailed. Much more so than the picture shows. This is the sort of thing that a picture can only show so much. The Redskins probably have one of the more complex logos, but the cuts within are sharp and clean. The paperweight actually takes up more of a footprint than you would think from the measurements on the site (W=2.63′′ H=1.25′′ L=3′′). What they don’t tell you, and you can’t see from the picture, is that it is angled toward you. The front edge is only only 1/8′′ thick, while the back is more than 1′′ tall. It gives it the illusion that it is coming out of the table at you. A felt lined bottom completes the package.

Overall, this is a well done piece. Although the red paint is shiny and complete, my only complaint would be the lack of filling within the logo. Upon closer look, however, this is totally my mistake, as the picture clearly shows this feature.

These particular paperweights only seem to be available for specific NFL teams (Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, and Washington). So, if he is a fan of one of these teams, and has a desk job, The NFL Ring Top Paperweight could be a really unique gift for him.

Of course, there are many other options for him at The Sports Jewelery Super Store. Officially liscensed rings and watches from all major sports and colleges. As well as items for military and law enforcement.

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