Personalized Vases For Creating Unique Gifts and Mementos

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Personalized Vases For Creating Unique Gifts and Mementos

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Engraved vases are fast turning out to be a popular choice for gifts and mementos, especially on special occasions. These personalized vases can be given not just to friends or family members but also to colleagues, seniors or subordinates during special occasions. Beautiful crystal vases can be personalized with a lovely message that can be given away as a memento or keepsake. Elegant vases can be engraved with corporate logos too, if employees are being rewarded for their exceptional service. Similarly, these vases can be handed over as graduation mementos, anniversary or wedding mementos or as mementos to loyal customers from brands.

Crystalline vases are available in many different shapes, sizes and patterns. You also have a lot of choices when it comes to the artwork designs and fonts which are engraved on the crystals. Mouth blown vases in beautiful colors, contemporary non-lead crystal vases or hand formed, tear drop vases that represent European art are all great examples of vases that are perfect for engraving a personalized message. These vases with their wonderful messages, sparkling colors and beautiful designs could end up as a memorable and cherished gesture.

You can also go for deep etched vases which are supported by sturdy bases so that the vases can be displayed proudly on shelves or side tables. Some crystalline vases can even be combined with wooden bases. Handcrafted vases with hand cut crystals are designed with many different colors to create a unique attraction. Some of the best vases can be found in Murano style with art glass being used for a wonderful effect. Purple or blue engraved vases are used as mementos to recognize individual contributions to an institution or company. Besides, these crystal vases which are beautifully embellished are used as personalized gifts as well.

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