Lingerie Gift Ideas

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Lingerie Gift Ideas

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Lingerie and Pajama Gifts

Buying lingerie for the special woman in your life can be more than difficult. It can often make men feel slightly stupid and uncomfortable.

Because buying a lingerie gift can be an uncomfortable experience for men, skip the mall or specialty brick-and-mortar stores and go with buying lingerie online. This way you can shop from the comfort of your own home and not feel embarrassed or out-of-place. Buying lingerie online is fun and easy.

Most men have confessed that they don’t know the difference between all the types of lingerie that women wear. In fact, one man confessed that, “except for socks, I don’t have the slightest clue as to what women’s clothes are called.”

Therefore, I have included a “mini-dictionary” of women’s lingerie types along with my lingerie gift ideas.

Underwear is a generic term for any type of garment a woman wears under her clothing. This includes slips, camisoles, brassieres, and panties. You may use any of these choices as lingerie gifts.

• 1. Brassieres or bras, run a gamut of sizes. The sizes change from one manufacturer to another and from one style to another. My advice to you is search through her drawers, see the styles she wears on a daily basis, and make note of the manufacturer, the color, the style, and the size. Chances are that while she may have an entire drawer of bras, she has one or two she prefers over all the others.

• 2. Slips are not worn on a daily basis. Slips are generally worn under sheer dresses and skirts. The length of the slip depends on the length of the dress or skirt she wears. Color choices also depend on the color of the skirt or dress. If she mainly wears black skirts and dresses, a black slip is the lingerie gift of choice. Any other color is going to show and look “tacky.” If she wears a wide variety of colors, stick to a neutral or flesh-toned slip. Again, pay attention and see what she wears, then look at the label.

• 3. Panty styles vary from woman to woman. Some women can’t stand to wear thongs, while others wouldn’t be caught dead in women’s briefs. If she prefers brief-style then order her brief-style. I realize you want this to be a romantic lingerie gift idea, so in cases such as these, look for panties that are made from satin or silk or that have lace on them.

Sleepwear Gift Ideas

A popular lingerie gift idea is sleepwear. The only time I advise men not to give a woman lingerie is on her Birthday. Women love to show off the gifts their men got them for their Birthday to their friends and co-workers. All other holidays, especially Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, are perfect times to purchase lingerie gifts.

Sleepwear lingerie gift ideas include sleep shirts, matching pajama sets, and nightgowns. Choose colors that she wears and always choose something compatible with what she already wears. If she is the t-shirt and sleep pants type, choose silky long sleep tops with matching satin pants. If she prefers nightgowns, choose long or short gowns made from a delicate fabric such as chiffon or lace. For colors, try to choose her favorites, not your own.

Bridal Lingerie

If purchasing special bridal lingerie stick with white. Bridal lingerie is not only worn under the wedding dress, it is also worn on the honeymoon. I would advise choosing sleepwear as this type of lingerie gift. Most men have no idea of the type of lingerie that must go under the wedding dress in order for it to fit properly. If you are unsure about her favorite colors, basic black is always a wise choice. Most women love the slimming effect black clothing has. Black can also be incredibly sexy.

Plus Size Lingerie

Having a plus-size lady is no reason to forgo giving lingerie as a gift. There are many specialty sites on the Internet that specialize in plus size lingerie. All women like to feel as if their man thinks they are sexy and plus-sized women are no different. Again, please ensure you know her color and style choices before making a lingerie purchase.

Men, most importantly, find out your woman’s correct size. Buying the wrong size is the biggest mistake men make when buying lingerie.

If you buy her something that does not fit,
she will feel fat. I’m a woman, I know this.

If you don’t want to ask her what size she wears, go through her drawers and laundry and look at the sizes. Look at the sizes in the front of the drawer or of something she has recently worn. The lingerie stuffed in the back of the drawer? It either doesn’t fit or it’s uncomfortable, so please don’t use it as a buying guide.

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