Irish Christening Gowns

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Irish Christening Gowns

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Many people take their heritage very seriously, and Irish christening gowns are a great way to show your ancestry and heritage for this special time. Children are a blessing and a gift, and many families choose to honor their religion and baptise or christen their children. This is an age-old custom that will sure to be carried on for years to come.

Irish Christening Gowns As a Way To Show Your Heritage
Christening gowns come in all different styles. Traditionally, they are white and are made of fine fabrics and lace. Small bonnets or hats are also worn with the traditional christening gown. Christening outfits are changing in many ways, and people are finding other ways to express their style and even their heritage.

Irish christening gowns are usually adorned with some sort of celtic cross that represents the child’s and families Irish heritage. These Celtic crosses are white and can come in a variety of styles such as a traditional christening gown, an eton suit or romper. Christening gowns are no longer the only acceptable way to dress your child for this special day.

Many people are foregoing the traditional Irish christening gowns and christening gowns australia   choosing suits or rompers to dress their boys for baptism. These suits can also be adorned with Irish or Celtic crosses and can be just as elegant as a christening gown. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing your child for their christening.


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