Holiday Gift Ideas for Men and Women

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Men and Women

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Choosing the right holiday gift for someone is not easy. Hopefully, this holiday gift guide will give you plenty of ideas and holiday gift suggestions. Whether you are searching for unique holiday gifts, corporate holiday gifts, holiday gifts for men, or holiday gifts for women, we have some of the best holiday gift ideas available.

Typically, the holidays refer to Christmas and Hanukah, but these holiday gift ideas are good for any holiday of the year.

Holiday Gifts for Men

Believe it or not, men are easy to buy for. However, if you are having trouble picking out the best holiday gift for him, here are a few suggestions:

• Combination mp3 player and flash drive- A USB flash drive that functions as a mp3 player is a great holiday gift idea. Perfect for a college student, co-worker, or businessman, a combination mp3 player and flash drive allows for the storage of files and music.

• The latest video game- This gift is perfect for any male gamer. Every year, around the holidays, video game creators release a sought-after game. Not sure what game to get? Ask any male in the electronics department of a store. They will know for sure.

• Portable DVD player- Sure smart phones and mp3 players can play video, but they generally have an extremely short battery life and a tiny screen. If you need to buy a gift for a male who frequently travels, consider this holiday gift idea.

• Shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey- Treat a favored male friend to a set of high-quality shot glasses and a bottle of good-grade whiskey or scotch. This is a gift he can show off to the “guys” or use in his mancave. Hey, if he doesn’t have a mancave, he can at least dream about one while sipping on his liquor.

Holiday Gifts for Women

It is a truth that women love chocolate. But not just any chocolate will do as a holiday gift for her. Look for an expensive chocolate to gift her. Even if she is a strict dieter, no woman will turn down high-quality chocolate. If chocolate doesn’t strike your fancy, consider these holiday gifts:

• Designer Desktop Calendar- Whether you choose Kate Spade, Michael Kors, or Ralph Lauren, any businesswoman will love having a splash of elegance added to her work-desk.

• Subscription to a magazine- Consider a subscription to one of the higher-brow magazines for the fashionista in your life. Vogue or Vanity Fair are sure to appeal to any woman who loves high-fashion.

• Chanel No. 5 Perfume- Even if she’s not a perfume wearer, any woman will appreciate the timeless scent of Chanel No. 5.

• Bottle of champagne- Let her know you think being with her is a celebration. A good-quality champagne is sure to be a hit. Throw in some elegant champagne glasses to accompany the bottle of bubbly.

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Corporate holiday gifts can always be a hassle. You want to present your clients, boss, or co-workers with an elegant gift, but you have no idea what is appropriate. For corporate gifts, holiday gift baskets seem to always work well. Look for ones that have imported, exotic ingredients in them.

Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

Choose some with imported teas, coffees, and cakes. Or look for holiday gift baskets that contain gourmet ingredients like smoked salmon, paired with an imported cheese and wine. For a personal touch, if you know the recipient, consider buying a sweet-grass basket and filling it yourself with goodies and delicacies that you know the recipient will enjoy.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Search out unique holiday gifts such as unique picture frames shaped like family members, dogs, or cats. A handmade serving platter that has been painted by hand is also a good choice. If purchasing for Hanukah, look for frames that feature dreidels or that come in blue and white or blue and silver.

Other unique holiday gifts include adopting a dolphin in the recipient’s name or planting a tree. One of the more unique gifts is the “purchasing” and gifting of a star. For a small fee, the one giving the gift is sent a package to give the recipient. In this package is a map of the star along with the coordinates and a description.

Did you know that Santa Claus was based on the Dutch Sinter Klaas? Sinter Klaas was based on St. Nicholas, a former bishop of Rome. The Dutch “brought” Sinter Klaas with them when they settled in America. In 1823, Clement Clarke Moore wrote the famous poem ”

A Visit from Saint Nicholas,” more commonly known as “The Night Before Christmas.” The poem created the Americanization of the name from “Sinter Klaas” to Santa Claus.

Of course, Santa Claus is a much nicer fellow than Sinter Klaas. According to Dutch legend, Sinter Klaas brings gifts to the good boys and girls, but he places the bad boys and girls in a sack and takes them off to Spain to work for him.

A trip to Spain would certainly qualify as one of the more unique gifts, as long as it was for pleasure. Here are some of my other favorite holiday gifts:

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