Graduation Gift Ideas

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Graduation Gift Ideas

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When spring approaches, it is that time again. Time for graduations from schools. While some kindergarten and elementary and primary schools have graduation ceremonies, the biggest milestones in students lives are the graduation from high school and from college. These graduation milestones are usually celebrated with graduation gifts. While cash makes a nice gift, there are plenty of other graduation gift ideas that are more personal.

High school grad gifts can range from low to high-priced. If you know the graduate is headed to college, here are quite a few ideas for the perfect high school graduation gift.

• 1. One graduation gift idea for the college-bound student is a subscription to the local, hometown paper. This way the graduate will be able to keep up with all the local news.

• 2. A tourist guide to the town the college is located in makes a good gift. These guides will enable college-bound students to easily locate areas of interest, restaurants, and theaters in their new town.

• 3. Another graduation gift idea for the college-bound student is an envelope of gift certificates to the local pizza places. Everyone knows that college students stay broke and hungry, so this is an amazing gift.

• 4. Another popular high school graduation gift is a dorm-sized refrigerator. This way the graduate can keep snacks and drinks at his or her fingertips for all those late-night study sessions.

If the high school graduate is not planning on attending college or technical school, consider these grad gifts:

• 1. A certificate to a résumé writing service is a useful gift for a high school graduate who is looking for a job.

• 2. An address book filled with all of his or her friend’s names, addresses, and phone numbers ensures that even though they are all moving on, they can all stay in touch.

• 3. Gift certificates to the local coffee-house are both practical and fun.

• 4. Another school graduation gift idea is a gas gift card. Gas prices have gotten very high and often Mom and Dad will no longer foot the gas bill for graduates.

College graduates need two main types of graduation gifts. They will need either a college graduation gift that will get them started in their new career field or they will need a college graduation gift that will get them set-up in their apartment or home.

College graduation gift ideas for college graduates headed into their new career field include:

• 1. A high-quality briefcase or leather portfolio for work.

• 2. A professional looking frame for their college diploma.

• 3. A professional looking accessory such as a high-quality umbrella, scarf, or tie.

• 4. Software for the computer that “grownups” would use, such as tax software or money-management software.

College graduates who are moving out of the dorm or out of a shared apartment into their own would appreciate some high-quality home goods that actually match. College graduation gift ideas for college graduates moving into a new home include:

• 1. Matching dishes and glasses, complete with a nice tablecloth for entertaining.

• 2. Small kitchen appliances such as coffeepots, toaster ovens, blenders, and crockpots.

• 3. A set of “around the home” tools that includes screwdrivers, a hammer, picture hangers, and nails.

• 4. Matching sheets and towels for the bedroom and bathroom.

Other graduation gift ideas that can be used for any type of graduation, including elementary and middle school graduations are:

• 1. Cash is always appreciated. Cash may not be the most personal gift you can give, but it is a gift that will be used.

• 2. Flash drives are a good school graduation gift for those advancing to high school or college.

• 3. A gift certificate to iTunes is currently a popular gift idea.

Digital photo frames are a good gift choice no matter what future plans are. These enable graduates to keep a “running memory” of their senior trip, spring break trip, or even just a fun-filled summer with friends.

A cookbook is good for those graduating from either high school or college. Eventually the graduate will get tired of campus food or fast food and long for something “homemade.”

A very popular graduation gift is the book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss. This classic gift is also appropriate for graduates of all ages.

Alarm clocks are a practical gift idea. Get one that can be set with a “back-up” alarm. This will ensure that the high school graduate is not late for class and that the college graduate is not late for work.

Personalized keepsakes are also good choices for gifts for the graduate. Personalized wall plaques, picture frames, book ends, and paperweights are popular choices.

Of course, if you have the means and the money, trips and cruises are always appreciated and offer the opportunity for wonderful school graduation memories.

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