Gourmet Food Gifts

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Gourmet Food Gifts

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Whether you are buying a gift for a spouse, adult, child, co-worker, or boss, gourmet food gifts are always tasteful and appreciated. Often, a gourmet food gift gives the recipient the chance to try a food or indulge in a food they have never tasted. Gourmet foods come in wide variety and are sure to be pleasing. The newest food fashion to hit the gourmet industry is the sending of a gourmet meals prepared by a professional chef.

Gourmet Food Gift Suggestions-

Gourmet Chocolates

Gourmet chocolates are rich and decadent. Consider sending hand-dipped truffles or chocolate-covered strawberries. Belgian and Swiss chocolates are rich and delicious. Send chocolates filled with a liqueur such as Grand Mariner for an added treat. Whether you send a basket filled with sweet treats or a few, select pieces packaged in a beautiful box, specialty chocolates will sweeten anyone’s day.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet gift baskets can be practical or luxurious. For men consider a basket filled with smoked salmon or smoked oysters along with a homemade cocktail sauce. For the griller, fill a basket with steak seasoning, grilling tools, specialty sauces, and throw in a few high-quality steaks. Women will be pleased to receive a basket filled with imported teas and coffee. Add a few biscotti and some specialty creamers and you have a gift guaranteed to please.

Gourmet Cheeses

For the cheese lover, consider a basket filled with gourmet, imported, or artisan cheeses. This is sure to “brie” a hit. Cheese gift baskets can be an assortment from all over the world, or they can focus on regional favorites. Italian cheeses such as fresh Mozzarella, French cheeses such as Brie or Camembert, and British cheeses such as Bleu Cheese are always “grate.” Add in some smoked lox or salmon, fruit chutney, and shortbread cookies or gourmet table crackers and you have a ready-made feast. Don’t forget to find an elegant wine to complement the cheese.

Gourmet Cookies

Who doesn’t love fresh cookies straight from the oven? Impress your recipient with fresh chocolate chip cookies or crispy peanut butter cookies. Petit fours, brownies, and other decadent desserts are waiting to be ordered. For football fans, consider cookies shaped like football helmets, decorated with icing in their team colors and logos. For Valentine’s Day gifts, cookies in the shape of flowers and hearts are sure to be a hit. Whether in a box, tin, or basket, nothing is as sweet as a cookie.

Gourmet Food Delivery

Gourmet food delivery is the newest trend. Imagine sending the man in your life thick steaks from ranches that practice free-range feeding methods and do not use antibiotics or hormones. Having fresh steaks, chicken, or pork delivered is sure to make your gift stand out in a crowd. Numerous ranches now offer fresh beef that is packed in dry-ice and shipped overnight. Want to impress the boss or say “Thank you” to a co-worker? Having gourmet food delivered is the best way.

Gourmet Gift Certificates

Want to send or give a gourmet treat, but are unsure about the recipients’ food preferences? Consider giving a gourmet gift certificate to one of the top-rated gourmet food companies. Whether you choose sweet, healthy, full-meals, or special wines and spirits, you can never go wrong with a gift certificate. With so many choices, your only problem will be choosing what type of gift certificate to send.

Gourmet Meals Delivered

Imagine having gourmet meals delivered right to your door-step. DineWise is one company that has a professional, on-site chef prepare a gourmet meal that includes an entree, two side dishes, and a dessert. Choose from a vast array of entrees, such as blackened catfish, lamb shank, broiled Tilapia, or old-fashioned pot roast. Add two delicious sides, such as corn and asparagus medley or pureed cauliflower and add a vegetable such as broccoli and red peppers.

These are just a small sampling of the delicious choices available fromDineWise. DineWise also offers choices such as reduced-sodium meals, meals for Seniors, diabetic meals, or low-fat meals. All are prepared fresh daily by a professional chef and then immediately packed in a cooler and shipped right to your door. Imagine the surprise on your recipient’s face, when he or she discovers that the meal for the night is completely prepared.

Gourmet Steaks

Thick, hand-cut, aged Kobe or USDA Prime-Choice steaks. What else needs to be said? Perfect for the meat-lover, gourmet beef steaks are sure to please. Whether you prefer a t-bone, tender filet mignon, juicy ribeye, or the jumbo porterhouse, gourmet steaks will please any meat-lovers palate. Include some grilling condiments and steak seasoning and you have a meal anyone would love to receive.

Gourmet Fruit Baskets

Gourmet fruit baskets are a healthy way to send a gift. Whether you choose a gift that is in season or an exotic fruit basket, gourmet fruits are always juicy and flavorful. Consider sending hothouse grapes, exotic island fruits like fresh mango or papaya, or a taste of America with fresh Washington apples or Florida citrus. Gourmet fruit is always in season and sure to appeal to adults and children alike.

Gourmet Wine Gifts

Gourmet wine gifts are the perfect gift for the sophisticated giver and recipient. A gift that includes a variety of wine samplings from a local winery is a tasteful choice. Or consider pairing a gourmet wine with some other regional goodies. Pair a Chardonnay with fresh pears, sharp cheddar cheese, and dark chocolate, for a sinfully delicious gift.

Gourmet Specialty Food

Imagine giving the gift of taste. Imported salmon from the shores of Scotland, fresh Maine lobster, crab cakes straight from Maryland, or fresh maple syrup from Vermont. Gourmet specialty foods are available in a wide range of varieties for all tastes.

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