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Gifts for Men

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While men say that shopping for women is difficult, it is my opinion thatshopping for a man can be one of the hardest things a woman does, outside of having a baby. Unless your man has a hobby that he is very vocal about, purchasing gifts for men can present women with a dilemma.


Because men don’t tell us what they want. If you have a husband, boyfriend, brother, father, or male co-worker or boss that you need to buy a gift for, then hopefully this guide will help.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Him

You don’t have to break the bank in order to show you care for him. Some small token that shows you know his likes and dislikes is enough.

• If he golfs, golf balls and tees are an inexpensive gift idea for him.

• Is he into poker with the boys? Drinxx makes a set of waterproof playing cards. This way if the beer gets spilled, the game isn’t ruined.

• Maybe he likes to fire up the grill on the weekends. New grilling tools, some special steak seasonings, and spices are gift ideas for husband who enjoys providing the meat for his family.

• Is he a tech geek? Even if you are on a budget, you can still get him protectors for his screens or a special charger that allows him to charge all his accessories at once.

Special note for wives, girlfriends, and sisters: Unless he specifically asks you for a “man-bag or man-purse,” do not purchase one. Trust me, I got one for my hubby once. Worst present idea ever, according to him. He still hasn’t forgiven me.

Moderate Priced Gifts for Him

If you have a little extra cash, consider some of these moderately priced gift ideas for husband and gift ideas for boyfriends:

• Gift certificates are a gift that will be appreciated. If he is into the outdoors purchase him a gift certificate to a store such as “Bass Pro Shop,” or “L.L. Bean.”

• Show him you don’t mind the time he spends with his friends. Give him a pass for a day spent with his buddies. Throw in a gift certificate for lunch at a place men crave, such as “Dave and Busters.” Your man will thank-you for understanding his need for “male-bonding time.”

• Give him high quality, gourmet meat. How about the gift of gourmet steaks that are delivered to him monthly? What man would not appreciate Kobe beef that has been grain-fed and is rated as Prime? Men love red meat. If you have the budget, pair the gourmet food gifts with a wine-of-the-month club or a beer-of-the-month club. What better way to say, “I love you.” to a man than by through his stomach?

High End Gifts Ideas for Him

If you have an unlimited budget, then the sky is the limit when it comes to gifts for men.

• Technology gifts are always popular. Choose from the new iPod Touch, the iPad, or any of the new android-powered phones. Is he a bibliophile? Either the Kindle or the Nook will be much appreciated.

• Other technology gifts include the latest digital cameras and GPS units. In addition, by purchasing the latest GPS unit for him you can rest assured that the two of you will never become lost and will never succumb to arguing over whether or not he should stop and ask for directions.

• High-end train sets, do-it-yourself model kits, and remote-controlled cars and airplanes are gifts that are perfect for the man who hasn’t quite grown-up.

• Give him the gift of lessons. Pilot lessons, race car driving lessons, or skydiving lessons are gifts that will enable him to experience that adrenaline rush.

Other “Manly” Gifts for Him

You can never go wrong with power tools. Men love power tools. If you are unsure as to what he needs, purchase a large, rolling tool chest. Not only will he love it, but you will also enjoy this gift because it will get the tools out of the garage or out of your kitchen drawers.

Another “manly” gift is a roadside assistance kit. These kits usually come equipped with flares, a heat blanket, drinking water and a few MREs. This way if he is ever stranded in a snowstorm or in a remote location, he can survive.

Most men also enjoy CDs of their favorite bands and DVDs. Look for DVDs that feature either military history or those of popular men’s shows, such as:

• “Man vs. Wild”
• “Deadliest Catch”
• “Survivorman”

Just remember ladies, when purchasing a gift for a man, look for a gift he will appreciate. Don’t try to change him with your gift or buy him something you like, but he doesn’t. A gift should be an expression of love.

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