Gift Ideas for Teenagers

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Gift Ideas for Teenagers

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Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys and Girls

Teens can be difficult, if not down right impossible to shop for. Their tastes change on a day-to-day basis.

Teens want gifts that are trendy, cool, and “in.” They also want gifts that enable them to have the same things that other teens have.

Buying for a teen that is not your own can be even more difficult, especially if you don’t know what they already have.

Electronics are the most popular gift ideas for teenagers. There is not a single teen that does not want the latest gadget. This includes:

• The latest iPod
• The new iPad
• The Kindle or the Nook
• Computer laptops
• The latest smart phone
• The latest television
• Mp3 Player

Unfortunately, these teen gifts can become very expensive. If purchasing an electronic gift for a teen is not within your budget, try to find out if they already own one or more of these devices and the build your gift around it.

For example, if you are buying a gift for a teen who already owns an iPod or other type of mp3 player, an iTunes gift card is a gift worth considering. An iTunes gift card enables the teen to purchase movies, apps, and music from the popular iTunes store. While designed mainly for the iPod brand, the music and movies available work on any mp3 player.

If the teen has one of the e-readers such as the Kindle or Nook, a gift cardto either Amazon or Barnes and Noble is a gift idea. This gift card enables them to purchase EBooks for their readers. Casings and screen protectors or carrying cases for laptops, phones, and the iPad are other gift ideas for teens that they will appreciate.

A gift card from the Microsoft store is another cool teen gift idea. This gift card enables them to download or purchase things they need for either a pc, the Xbox 360, or any other product Microsoft carries. The teen may want to purchase Microsoft Office or a game for the Xbox. This enables them to choose for themselves.

Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

For teenage boys, a gift card to Game Stop is sure to be appreciated. Most boys play some sort of video game. Regardless of the gaming system, a gift card from Game Stop will enable them to purchase either a game or accessories they need. It even enables them to purchase cards for computer games such as “World of Warcraft.”

Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

If you know that the teenage girl is into a specific series, whether it is books or a television series, aim for teen gift ideas that allow her to build on her interest. There are many teenage girls out there who are “Twilight” and “Glee” fans. Anything having to do with “Twilight,” Bella, Edward, and Jacob are hot right now. This includes the books, DVDs, t-shirts, jackets, purses, and backpacks.

For “Gleeks,” the self-proclaimed fans of the hit series “Glee,” there are also t-shirts, posters, episodes of the show on DVD and CDs from the popular show.

A gift membership to Netflix is a gift idea that will please any teenager. Both boys and girls can choose their favorite movies to be delivered right to their door. They can also instantly stream movies and television episodes to their pc or their laptop.

When all else fails, consider a gift certificate to a popular clothing store. Teens love to shop, but generally don’t have much cash. Gift certificates to shops such as Kohls, Old Navy, Wet Seal, Aeropostale, The Gap, and American Eagle are some of the more popular. No matter the clothing taste, they are sure to find something they like at one of these stores.

Perfumes and colognes that have been endorsed by a celebrity or sports figure is another gift idea. If you are unsure what to purchase, ask behind the counter. Sales associates know what is hot and trending with teens. After all, the majority of goods are aimed at the teen buying market.

Gift cards to movie theaters, coffee-houses, and bowling alleys are also popular teenager gift ideas. Be sure to load enough on the card for the teenager to invite a friend, buy a snack and see the show or bowl a few games. Remember, teens travel in packs and will not want to do anything alone.

Many times, adults prefer an actual gift to a gift card or gift certificate, but teens are generally so picky about their tastes that they prefer a gift card or gift certificate. They like to choose their own gifts.

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