Gift Ideas for Seniors

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Gift Ideas for Seniors

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So many people complain that they have problems buying for senior friends and family. Often, it can be difficult to know what a senior may want or need. However, purchasing a gift for a senior is really not that difficult. There are many different gift ideas for seniors that are not only practical, but will also be appreciated.

My Top Ten Senior gift ideas include:

1. Gourmet Meals
This is an excellent senior gift. Too many times, a senior who lives alone does not get proper nutrition because he or she just does not feel like going to the trouble of preparing a meal for one. Home Bistro, a popular gourmet gift company, will prepare meals and deliver them nationwide. Their menu is very popular with seniors.

All your senior loved one has to do is pop the meal into the microwave or a pot of warm water. There are a wide variety of meals to choose from and all are nutritionally balanced, healthy, and delicious. DineWise, the parent comany for Home Bistro, offers Senior Meal Plans, Diabetic Meal Plans, and Low-Sodium Meal Plans.

2. Housekeeping Services
Why not give your loved senior the gift of a clean house without all the bending or stooping? A maid service that can come in once a week to do heavy housekeeping such as vacuuming or he wash would be a thoughtful senior gift idea. You may wish to consider a yard maintenance service which is along the same concept.

3. Large Button Cell Phone
Jitterbug is a cell phone company that offers an inexpensive phone plan that is just for making phone calls. No Internet, no texting, just phone calls that can be made in case of emergency. The keys on the cell phone are large and lit so they can be easily seen. There are no distracting keys or keyboards, just a fully functional, easy-to-use phone.

4. Throws, Blankets, or Snuggies
Seniors tend to get chilly when they are sitting reading or watching television. A warm, plush throw is a wonderful gift idea for senior citizens. You can guarantee that each time they wrap themselves in the comfy blanket or throw, they will feel as if they have been “wrapped in warm thoughts.”

5. Tickets and Gift Cards
Give your senior friends and family tickets to the movie theater or gift cards to local restaurants. Many seniors don’t get out much as they are on a fixed income. Give them something they can enjoy either alone or with their friends.

6. Lawn Services
Hire someone to come over and weed, garden, and mow the grass during the spring and summer months. Have a landscaping company keep the leaves cleared out during fall and winter. Many seniors once took great pride in their yards. Enable them to feel that pride again.

7. Life Alert
Give the gift of security to a senior living alone. Many companies offer Life Alert or a similar program. The necklace or bracelet that is issued has a button that can easily be pushed in case of an accident or fall. The company then pages the proper rescue or emergency personnel.

8. Flashing Light Telephone and Doorbell
Many seniors have trouble hearing the doorbell or the telephone ring. How about having one installed that flashes a light when it rings? This way they know when someone is at the door or on the telephone.

9. Tea or Coffee Gift Basket
Whether you order the tea gift basket or the coffee gift basket from a company or make it yourself, this is sure to be a sensation. Let the senior you love indulge in freshly ground coffee or a relaxing cup of tea. Include a personalized gift with the selection, such as a mug.

Remember that often seniors are bothered by caffeine. It can interfere with medications and it can lead to sleepless nights. Therefore, make sure that you include some decaf choices for them also.

10. Large Button Universal Remote
Unfortunately as seniors get older, not only can they have trouble seeing the tiny buttons on remotes, they often have trouble pushing them thanks to ailments such as arthritis. A universal remote control for the television that has the large buttons can be a great aid to them. They can comfortably push the buttons and they can see what they are pushing also.

Out of all these top senior gifts, the best gift you can give to any senior is the gift of your time. Find out where your senior friends would like to go and drive them there. Often, seniors become “shut-ins” simply because they have no one to drive them to the grocery store or the hairdresser or barber shop.

Take a senior to the store, the movies, or out to eat dinner. Just stop by and visit and talk to them. If they love books and have difficulty seeing, read to them. Remember seniors are people, just like you, and the two of you may have more in common than you think.

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