Gift Ideas for Her

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Gift Ideas for Her

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Buying gifts for women is often very difficult for men. Women are often no help, because we expect men to read our minds sometimes and know what we want. Admit it women, how many times have you thought to yourself, “If he loved me, he would know what I would like.” I can say this, because I am a woman and I am guilty of this behavior.

So men, if you are attempting to purchase a gift for her and find yourself stumped, here are a few ideas and a little advice. The best piece of advice I can give a man who is looking to purchase gifts for females in his life is to not buy anything that has to do with cleaning the house or cooking unless she specifically asks.

Unless your wife, girlfriend, or mom says “I’d really love a mop, vacuum, toaster as my Birthday, Christmas, Valentine, or Anniversary gift,” do not purchase her one. Oh yes, unless she requests it, a membership to a gym, or work-out equipment is not one of the top gift ideas for her either.

Inexpensive Gifts for Her

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to let your wife, girlfriend, mother, or sister know you love and care for her. Some small “happy” that makes her smile is a wonderful gift for woman.

• Give her a photograph of the two of you together in a nice, personalized or engraved frame.
• Handmade jewelry by a local artisan is a very nice and unique gift idea for women.
• If she enjoys writing, perhaps a leather-bound journal or diary.
• Readers will always enjoy a classic book or a book by a favorite author.

Another popular gift for her, if she is a woman of faith, is a daily devotional book or a beautifully bound Bible. Having it inscribed is also a touching gesture and it will be something she will appreciate for all the years to come.

Moderate Priced Gifts for Her

If you have the budget to spend a bit more on a gift, consider some of these gift ideas for wife and gift ideas for girlfriend:

• What woman wouldn’t love a gift certificate to a spa or to have a manicure? Gift certificates such as these give her some well-deserved “me time.”

• Want to up the ante up and show her how important her friendships are to you? Give her two certificates and tell her to invite a friend for a “girlfriend day.”

• Throw in a gift certificate to a popular restaurant and she has the perfect day to spend with a friend.

• Give her the gift of a gourmet meal. Don’t worry if you can’t cook; help is just an order away. DineWise enables you to order a complete gourmet meal for two in just the click of a mouse. They deliver it right to your home. All you have to do is heat the meal, turn on some romantic music, and light some candles. She will love the idea of a romantic home-cooked meal that she did not have to prepare.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for female, whether it is your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend, look no further than a gift basket that centers around her favorites. Gift baskets are available in wide variety of selections. Whether she is a wine connoisseur, a coffee maven, or a chocoholic, you are sure to find a gift basket that she will enjoy. You could even be brave and create your own gift basket.

High End Gifts for Women

If she is into technology, and trust me, women do like their gadgets, then you should consider purchasing some of the hottest technology trends on the market. Give her a Blu-Ray player, complete with some of her favorite “chick flicks” on Blu-Ray.

Perhaps she is craving apples, as in the Apple iPad or the latest Apple iPod Touch. Be sure to include some gift cards for iTunes and a cute case for either gift.

Other technological gift ideas for her include a new phone, complete with a case, or perhaps one of the new digital readers such as the Nook or Kindle. Add a nice case and gift cards allowing her to purchase eBooks and you will make her happy.

Of course, you can always fall back on the old standards, such as lingerie orjewelry. Almost all women love to receive jewelry. Women usually like lingerie as long as the sizing is correct. Here’s a helpful hint guys: Do not buy the lingerie if you do not know her size. If you are unsure about her size, then agift certificate to a lingerie shop will be appreciated as well.

Whatever you decide, she will like it, if for nothing else than the fact you remembered the occasion and bought a gift to mark the day

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