Gift Ideas for a Bridal Shower

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Gift Ideas for a Bridal Shower

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A bridal shower or wedding shower is typically hosted by the maid of honor. The purpose of the bridal or wedding shower is to provide the bride with gifts that she can use when setting up her new home with her husband. Often, people have difficulty selecting a bridal shower gift. Many times, guests at a wedding shower may be distant relatives or friends or family of the groom. They may not know the bride as well as others attending the shower. Here are ten classic wedding shower ideas and ten contemporary bridal shower gift ideas.

The Top Ten Classic Bridal Shower Gifts

• Picture frames
• Kitchen appliances, such as blenders, mixers, toasters, etc.
• Bedding and sheets
• Towels and tablecloths
• Napkins and napkin rings
• Crystal and stemware
• China
• Tea set
• Silverware
• Tasteful lingerie

Any type of gift designed to create a home is a good idea. Stand around your home or kitchen and think, “What is the one thing I just could not live without in my kitchen, bathroom, or living room?” Once you have made that decision, consider gifting something similar. Remember to get a gift receipt and include it with the gift.

Contemporary Bridal Show Gift Ideas

Contemporary gifts are generally a bit more risque than traditional gifts. They imply a sense of whimsy and adventure. If you know of a particular hobby that the couple enjoys, consider giving them a gift that ties in with that hobby.

The Top Ten Contemporary Wedding Shower Gifts

• Membership to a wine club
• Season tickets for two to a sporting event
• Matching his and her robes
• Luggage
• Subscription to the local newspaper
• Massage oil and candles
• Picnic hamper
• Gift certificates to restaurant
• Bottles of wine
• Embellished platters

Gifts for a Wedding

When deciding upon the perfect wedding gift, it is important to remember that wedding gifts should be gifts that both the bride and groom can use together. If you absolutely cannot think of a single thing to get the happy couple, or if you do not know them very well, you can always ask and find out if they are registered at a particular store.

If so, then you can either call the stores where they are registered or you can log in online and pick a gift to give that they have selected for their registry. Usually, the couple will register for gifts that range from inexpensive to very expensive. Keep in mind that a registry is not a list of required gifts, it is merely a wish list that the couple has selected together.

If you prefer other types of gifts, there are other options:


While cash can seem impersonal, it is always appreciated by a new couple just starting out. The majority of couples are saving for some type of big-ticket item. It may be a house or a car, or perhaps they are struggling with student loans. While etiquette states quite clearly that it is rude for a couple to request cash gifts, it is not rude to give cash gifts.

A Timeless Wedding Gift

This should be something that the couple will treasure forever. A handmade quilt that they can hang on their wall or snuggle under together on a cold night is one example. Other examples include a piece of fine art such as an oil painting or sculpture, an antique piece of furniture such as a rocking chair or secretary, or perhaps a family heirloom that they can keep and eventually pass down.

Upgrade the Honeymoon

Find out from a close friend or relative where the couple will be staying or what flight they are on. Arrange for their airline seats to be upgraded to first class, or upgrade their room to a suite. If they are already traveling first class and have a suite, then purchase gift certificates to one of the finer restaurants at their destination.

Complimentary spa certificates or flowers and champagne delivered to their room are also a nice touch.

Breakfast in Bed

Purchase a breakfast-in-bed tray and add a basket of waffle mixes, syrups, homemade jams and jellies, and a waffle iron. Include gourmet coffee and teas and a coffee grinder in the package. Adding a bud vase and a subscription to the Sunday paper makes for many long, lazy, weekend mornings.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sounds a little difficult doesn’t it? Have you ever stayed in a luxury hotel with soft, fluffy pillows and snuggly, down comforters? That provides some of the best sleep ever. Make a package that consists of two of the most luxurious pillows you can find. Add a package of Egyptian-cotton sheets with a high thread count and then complete the gift with a thick, downy comforter

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