Gift Certificate Ideas

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Gift Certificate Ideas

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When it comes to giving gifts, the recipient can often be hard to shop for. Perhaps you need to give a gift to a co-worker or a business associate that you do not know very well. Maybe the recipient is a child or teen and you have no clue about their interests. Or perhaps, the person you are purchasing a gift for has interests and hobbies that you have no idea about. That is when gift certificates and gift cards come in handy.

When To Buy A Gift Card

Teens seem to be happy when an adult has chosen to buy a gift card for them. Teens have definite ideas about their clothing, music, and movie choices. Often, they’d prefer that you buy a gift card and allow them to pick the gift to their own taste, which seems to change on a day-by-day basis.

Some of the best online gift cards for teens include those to teen-friendly websites or gaming sites. Whether you choose to send gift card in the mail or send it online, it is guaranteed to be a hit. If you are unsure about their favorite online or brick-and-mortar shops, send a generic gift card that allows them to spend their gift at any establishment.

American Express is an excellent source forbuying a gift card online. Forget about the traditional, green-looking American Express card. Today you can pick from tons of designs for any occasion, and they have options for business and personal gift giving.

I use American Express Gift Cards them because they don’t have any of those secret monthly fees that eat away at the balance, and the card never expires. They also have personalized gift cards if you want to have the persons name embossed into the card. I think it is a classy touch for business use.

When To Give A Gift Certificate

Gift certificates generally work best for adults. It used to be that a gift certificate, unlike a gift card, was usually given for a specific item or good, but now they can be used to purchase any gift in the store. A gift certificate requires more thought than a gift card.

Giving a business gift certificate is a good choice for your boss or co-workers.

For women, consider gift certificates to an exclusive spa or nail salon. For men, a thoughtful gesture would be gift certificates to the local coffee house or to an exclusive men’s shop.

As a HR executive, I speak from experience when I say DineWise is one of my favorite business gift certificates. We send them to employees that are having babies, as rewards and recognition of outstanding efforts, and during the holidays for client relations. They are always well received.

Colorado Prime Steaks is another great gift certificate idea for a guy or business associate. It is one of my favorite corporate gift ideas. This company sells all natural gourmet steaks with quality you can’t get from your local supermarket. I have business associates that tell me all year long how much they look forward to getting their holiday gifts of amazing steaks.

Gifting a loved one or spouse is another time when a gift certificate shows more thought than a gift card. If your significant other is a movie buff, considermovie gift certificates to the local movie house. Combine those with gift certificates to a favorite restaurant and you not only have a gift your loved one will enjoy, you may also have a special date night.

Other Gift Certificate Ideas

Other gift certificate ideas include giving gift certificates to the local hobby shop if the recipient is into a specific hobby such as miniature furniture, or ship or airplane building. If the recipient is a sewing enthusiast, a gift certificate to the local yarn shop is an idea. Here the recipient can purchase yarn, thread, patterns, or other items.

Gift certificate ideas are only limited by your imagination. For the car enthusiast consider a gift certificate to the local NASCAR driving track. A golf enthusiast would love gift certificates for buckets of balls or green fees at the local golf course or driving range, while someone who loves to read will be very enthusiastic over a gift certificate to a bookstore.

You can purchase many gift certificates online, so if the recipient lives far away order the gift certificates online and arrange to have them delivered via e-mail or have them delivered to the recipient’s home. You can also support local small businesses by purchasing a business gift certificate that can be used for a small town business.

These ideas include clothing gift certificates to a local boutique clothing store or the local sweet shop. Generally, the local mall offers gift certificates that are good for any store in the mall. If you have to purchase a gift for someone you do not know very well, a mall gift certificate is a wonderful idea. This type of gift certificate gives the recipient a variety of shops to choose from. The recipient is sure to find something that will interest him or her.

Even if you do not know the recipient very well, by purchasing gift certificates online or looking for the best online gift cards, you are sure to find something that he or she will appreciate and enjoy.

Just remember that whether you send gift card or gift certificates, if you present them attractively in an embellished envelope or box, the recipient will feel as if you took a great deal of time on the gift. This makes the gift certificate or gift card feel more personal to the recipient.

Gift certificates are best given to adults, co-workers, bosses and loved ones, while gift cards seem to be the ideal gift for teens. By remembering this rule of thumb, you are assured that whoever receives your gift is not offended.

You want to appear to have put a great deal of thought into your gift and by presenting gift certificates aimed at the person’s likes and dislikes, you are showing that your gift is thoughtful and meaningful. You are also showing that you have good taste.

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