Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

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Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

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There is nothing more frustrating than feeling helpless when a friend or loved one is sick. Whether they are in the hospital or sick at home, we all want to do something, anything, to make them feel better.

Often, there is nothing we can do other than give them some type of get well soon gift.Get well soon gifts remind the friend or loved one we are thinking of them and we care.

I like to go with traditional get well soon gift ideas on most occasions. Hot soup, fresh fruit, or flowers can brighten up anyone’s day. But if it were that easy, you probably wouldn’t be here, so I have listed some get well soon gifts that should work for you.

Get Well Gifts for Men

Men are the worst patients. A sick man has very little patience. He often feels as if he is being lazy, even when under a doctor’s order to rest and recover. Cheer him up and restore good spirits with some of these ideas.

1. Books or magazines- Many men enjoy reading, but never take the time to do so. Since he is laid up recovering, give him some books or magazines he will enjoy. Look for authors who specialize in “men-friendly fare.” John Grisham, Tom Clancy, and Stephen King are popular with men who read. If he’s not a reader, he has some hobby there is a magazine geared towards.

2. An action-packed get well gift basket- Get him a large basket and fill it with action movie DVDs, a personal DVD player, and a set of headphones. This is a get well gift basket that will keep him occupied and will not disturb his roommate if he is in the hospital.

3. Give him a break from hospital food- Home Bistro will deliver soups right to him. Is he on a low-sodium or low-calories diet? Gift him gourmet foods, or healthy meals from DineWise. Note: If he is in the hospital, please check with the doctor before bringing him food.
4. Is he into gaming?- Gift the sick “game geek” with a handheld game console, an assortment of games, and a few snacks such as pretzels and candy. Even if he can’t enjoy the snacks now, he will when he recovers. If he is not a gamer, look for other unique get well gifts based on his personality.

Get Well Gifts for Women

It’s easier to buy get well soon gifts for women. Women have more patience and know they need time to rest and recover.

1. Help at home- Sick women worry about their homes and families. Consider unique get well gifts such as cleaning their homes for them or having gourmet meals from DineWise delivered to their families. Choose from several tasty and delicious soups from Home Bistro for the female patient. Lifting the worry off them about their home and family is one of the best get well gifts you can give.

2. Flowers- Women love flowers, so get well soon flowers make sense. Hand-craft a bouquet and let her know you are thinking of her. If she has a roommate in the hospital who may be allergic to flowers, a get well soon balloon bouquet is just as nice.

3. Spa Baskets- I know from personal experience, when a woman is sick, she feels worse if her body and hair feel dirty. Why not gift her with get well soon baskets filled with pampering shower accessories? Look for herbal-based soaps and shampoos in scents that make her feel better, such as lavender or eucalyptus. Offer to help her shower and bathe, if needed.

4. Time killers- Being sick can become monotonous, so gift her with time killers. Books, magazines, “chick-flick” DVDs, mp3 players loaded with her favorite music, and puzzle books such as trivia or crossword puzzles can help her fill time. These can also be arranged into a get well gift basket.

Get Well Soon Gifts for Children

Keeping a sick child occupied is difficult. Children have trouble understanding why they must stay in bed and stay quiet. Children bore easily and need constant stimulation of some type.

1. Flowers- Believe it or not, children love to receive “delivered” flowers. Pick unique get well soon flowers that are bright and cheery. I recently sent a sick niece a bouquet of riotous sunflowers with a stuffed bee that said “Bee Well.” She loved it.

2. Gift Baskets- Order get well soon baskets that are centered around a child’s tastes. Look for baskets that feature popular characters such as Spongebob or Barbie.

3. Cookies and candy- If allowed, cookie and candy gifts break the monotony of a hospital diet.

4. Boredom busters- Puzzles, games that can be played with others such as Uno or Operation, books and magazines, or journals are just a few of the many suggestions. If the child is too young to read, try audio books. DVDs and CDs are also popular. Look for movies that make them laugh and hold their interest. The Toy Story trilogy is appropriate for all ages, as is Despicable Me.

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