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Flower Gifts and Delivery Services

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Giving flower gifts is a tradition almost as old as civilization itself. When reading ancient myths from Greece, Rome, Egypt and China, the use of flowers is always mentioned. Flowers were used to express what words sometimes could not. That tradition continues today. Whether we wish to express congratulations, offer sympathy, good wishes, or express our love to others, flowers speak for us when we can’t find the words we wish to say. No other gift conveys the meaning from the heart like a flower gift.

The History of Flower Gifts

In the 1700s, visitors to Turkey from France and England discovered the Turks had developed a flower language. This language, called Floriography today, gave a specific meaning and significance to every flower and plant.

In the Victorian era, it was considered impolite to express emotion. People began to send flowers in order to express their feelings to loved ones. The Victorians expounded on the significance of flowers assigned by the Turks and began to develop a complete flower language.

The color, size, and presentation of the flowers expanded the “flower language.” For example, a red rose signified, “I love you.” That same red rose, when presented upside down, meant the opposite.

Today, in modern-age America, we continue to give the gift of flowers. Flower gifting is still evolving, even now. 30 years ago, it was considered rude and forward for a woman to gift a man flowers. Today, with the advent of virtual bouquets and some of the best flower delivery services on the market, a woman gifting a man flowers is now acceptable.

Types of Flowers and Meanings

Different flowers mean different things to different people. Red roses have become the universal symbol of love. Did you know the gift of yellow roses originally meant the sender was jealous of another suitor in the recipient’s life?

Today, all roses have come to signify love and affection, but no other flower shouts, “I love you” like a dozen red roses.

Carnations have come to mean affection, respect, and love between mothers and daughters. It is a tradition on Mother’s Day for women to wear carnations to signify the love they hold for their mothers. In Canada, a pink carnation is worn, while in the United States, a red carnation is worn if the mother is still living and a white carnation is worn if the mother has passed away.

Orchids are often presented and worn as corsages on Easter Sunday, as are lilies. Lilies signify majesty and purity, while orchids are prized for the exotic beauty and their rareness. There is even a specific type of lily referred to as the “Easter Lily.”

Other types of flowers and meanings include daisies signifying innocence, tulips signifying charity, violets signifying modesty, sunflowers signifying loyalty, buttercups signifying cheer, and thousands of others.

Flower Gift Ideas

There are thousands of occasions when giving flowers is appropriate. Here are some of the more popular flower gift ideas:

• On the recipients Birthday.
• To a loved one who is ill or is hospitalized.
• Just to say, “I love you.”
• On Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day.
• To express sympathy to someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

There are other milestones in a person’s life when giving flowers is appropriate. One flower gift idea is to present someone who is retiring from a job an arrangement of flowers. Children and teens love receiving flowers after a dance recital or school play. If invited to a dinner party or holiday celebration, flowers are a fragrant way to say, “Thank you for inviting me.”

Flower delivery gift ideas include sending flowers to a loved one’s work place. Men, women adore having flowers delivered to them at work. It is one way for them to say, without speaking a word to their co-workers, “Look how much I am loved.” Other flower delivery gift ideas include sending a potted plant as an act of remembrance to someone who has suffered the loss of a close loved one.

Fresh Flowers vs. Artificial Flowers

To me, there is no contest. Fresh flowers win every time. Fresh flowers give an appearance of extravagance and the scent alone is a wonderful stress reliever.

Personally, I do not advise gifting anyone with artificial flowers. While I believe that high-quality silk arrangements have their place on the decorating front, I truly believe that nothing speaks to the recipient better than the gift of a huge flower bouquet.

For home or office decorating, silk flowers are recommended. Just make sure you keep them dusted. Every now and then, treat yourself to the gift of fresh flowers in your home or office. You’ll find the simple act of inhaling the fragrance and gazing at the colors will lift your spirits.

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