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Electronic Gift Ideas

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Electronic Gift Ideas for a Geek

Of course, I mean “geek” in a friendly manner. Shopping for electronic gift ideas for the electronic or computer geek in your life can be difficult if you are not familiar with electronics. I often see people wandering electronic stores in a daze. Unfamiliar terms such as RAM, gigs, hard drives, “smart” phones, gaming and specs leave them dazed and confused.

Don’t worry. If you are looking for some of the best geek gift ideas for the electronic lover in your life, I have solutions to your electronic gift ideaproblem.

It is a popular misconception that all technological geeks are male. There are many females who are now into tech gift ideas. Each of my recommended vendors caters to both male and female geeks.

Electronic Gift Ideas

GameStop has all the games and consoles designed to make any male or female happy. Don’t worry if you know little about gaming, the customer service representatives at GameStop will be happy to help you choose the perfect gift ideas for a geek. Younger children can even benefit from my gift ideas.

GameStop has the popular consoles such as the Wii, Xbox 360, the Playstation 3 and the hand-held units such as the Nintendo DS. I recommend the Wii for both adults and children.

Children are easily amused by games such as Mario Cart, where they dash around in go-karts attempting to pop balloons.
Tech Gift Ideas

Women will love the Wii fit program. This program gives an intensive work-out and can track progress being made.

Men love the athletic games such as baseball or bowling. Wii games are designed to pull the gamer into the actual game and encourage users to exercise while they play.

The Xbox 360 is the most popular console for teenage boys. Built on the Windows platform that runs most computers, the Xbox 360 features games that allow for combat fighting and stealth. Players on the Xbox 360 can play others online through a direct tv-to-Internet connection.

Men especially love the Playstation 3. Don’t be put off by the price. The Playstation 3 offers something for everyone. When it is not being used as a gaming device, it is a Blu-ray player. It offers games men and women love such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Halo 3 and the newest zombie game, Dead Island.

Please note that most games on both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 are for mature audiences. Children will be happier with the family and child-friendly games of the Wii and of the hand-held Nintendo DS.

Just contact GameStop, give them the age and the interest of your gamer and their friendly staff will be glad to help you choose a great electronic gift idea.

Try CompUSA or Circuit City for some of the most popular computer gift ideas. You will find everything you could think of to please the computer geek in your household. In addition to computers, they carry:

• mp3 players
• GPS units
• camcorders
• projectors
• televisions
• audio and stereo components
• cell phones

You can find something for everyone in either of these stores. Even children will enjoy a mp3 player filled with their favorite songs. Got a tech geek who has children that play sports? Consider a camcorder so they can capture every moment of playing time.

Digital cameras are great gifts for all ages and for both male and female recipients. CompUSA and Circuit City carry special digital cameras made of sturdy plastic for even the smallest of children. If you’re not sure which camera to get, you can never go wrong with a gift certificate, and let your favorite geek pick their own gift.
Computer Gift Ideas

Not sure what to choose from all the computer gift ideas? A gift certificate is sure to be appreciated. Whether your friend or loved one wants to order a laptop or build his or her own computer, everything he or she needs can be found online at these stores.

Cell phones, which can be considered computers these days, make great gifts. When gifting a cell phone, you are not only gifting a phone that can be fun, you are also gifting piece of mind. No more worrying about someone when they are traveling.

One call puts worried minds to rest. In addition, the applications available are fun and useful. Whether your recipient wants to play a game or start the car remotely, it can all be accomplished with the newest smart phones.

Geek Gift Ideas

Know someone headed to college? College-bound students will benefit from a laptop computer or one of the new tablet computers. Lightweight and easy to carry in a backpack, tablets are the new way to take notes in class. Whether recording a lecture, typing notes or researching for a paper, the new tablets access the Internet with just a touch of a button.

Don’t be alarmed if you are confused about any of the terms I have used.Electronic gift ideas are as simple as contacting any of my preferred vendors and asking for advice. So go ahead, don’t be afraid. Show your friends and loved ones that you can come up with great gift ideas for a geek.

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