Corporate and Business Gift Ideas

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Corporate and Business Gift Ideas

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Corporate Gift Ideas

A corporate, or business gift, is a way for businesses to say, “Thank you” to either customers, clients, or other associates. Corporate gifts should be tasteful and should reflect the esteem in which the relationship is held

There are many corporate gift ideas available here that have been hand-picked by me. You can trust each of my business gift ideas.

As a HR specialist, I have advised many businesses and corporations on the appropriate gifts they should send.

The business gift ideas I have listed here range in monetary value and lavishness, based on the purpose of your corporate gift.
Perhaps you are giving a business gift as a gesture of goodwill among companies and associates. Perhaps you have a valued client who is suffering from a personal loss or is celebrating a happy event.

Regardless, the corporate gift idea you choose is not only a reflection of you, it is also a reflection of your company as a whole. Because of this, it is vital that you choose high-quality gifts from reputable vendors. Each of the vendors I have suggested are not only familiar with corporate gifts, they specialize in them.

As an important note, when sending a corporate gift, please research the recipients policy on accepting gifts. Often, larger corporations have strict policies on their employees and business people receiving gifts over a certain monetary amount from other businesses.

This is to prevent scandals and accusations of favoritism and kick-backs. However, most companies will allow for the receiving of small gifts that do not exceed a set amount. If you are unsure, please contact the HR department of the business in question in order to clarify their gift policy.

Business Gift Basket Ideas

Fruit baskets are one business gift idea. Fruit baskets containing citrus fruits are very popular around the Holiday season. If you know that the company recipient or client in question has celebrated the birth of a child or has suffered a personal loss, fruit baskets are a good choice.

The Fruit Company is known for theircorporate gift baskets. Their business gift baskets are packed by hand on the day the order is placed. Oprah Winfrey has used The Fruit Company on more than one occasion and has often touted the elegant packing methods and delicious fruit. The Fruit Company customizes the business gift basket you order to your specifications. They offer a wide variety and selection of fruits, including organically grown fruits, exotic fruits, and citrus fruits. They also have the capability to include your company’s logo on the card.

Another type of corporate gift basket is the coffee gift basket designed by the Koa Coffee corporation. Koa Coffee offers coffee that is grown exclusively in the Kona Coffee region of Hawaii. It is some of the best coffee available in the world. Whether your recipient is male or female, a Koa Coffee corporate gift basket is sure to please.

Koa Coffee gift baskets include a sampling of some of the most sought-after coffees on the market, including, the extremely popular Peaberry Kona coffee. Their business gift baskets not only include several bags of hand-selected coffees, but also include coffee mugs and chocolate covered coffee beans and chocolate covered macadamia nuts straight from the islands of Hawaii. Elegant and tasteful, Koa Coffee gift baskets are a wise business gift idea.

Other popular and tasteful corporate gift baskets include:

• Chocolate gift baskets

• Tea gift baskets

• Flower gift baskets

Each of the vendors selected have not only been hand-picked by me, but are also the favorite choices of top-ranking business people and celebrities. I believe that a business gift basket is graceful gift that will be appreciated by both clients and companies.

In the current economy, if your gifting budget is tight, please remember that quality should always be chosen over quantity.

Current trending corporate gift ideas include the delicious gift of prepared,gourmet food gifts. DineWise is known for having delicious menu choices. All food prepared by DineWise is prepared fresh to order and is then immediately shipped in order to ensure that the food stays fresh and delicious.

DineWise is a savory gift to give a client. Show your appreciation by ordering only the best. DineWise not only offers gourmet meals, they offer gourmet meals that are elegant and healthy. Colorado Prime Steaks is a great business gift idea for sending gourmet steaks to business associates.

Personalized Corporate Gift Ideas

Things Remembered offers personalized business gifts. Their gifts are a top corporate gift idea when it comes to recognizing outstanding employees. With choices that range from gifts for recognition of outstanding service to business gifts and retirement gifts, Things Remembered is sure to have a gift for any business budget. Tasteful, elegant, and timeless, a gift from Things Remembered is a gift that will be appreciated and treasured in the years to come.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give an outstanding corporate gift, but you do need to remember your gift is a representation of your business. As such, it should reflect well on your business or company. When giving a corporate or business gift, you should ensure you choose the very best gift you can afford.

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