Coffee and Tea Gift Ideas

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Coffee and Tea Gift Ideas

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I am the type of person that is not fully awake in the morning until I have had my first cup of morning coffee. At night, I like to sit and sip a cup of fragrant tea. Cold weather or hot weather, I am a coffee and tea aficionado.

Everyone has people in their life that just can’t live without their coffee. The consumption of coffee and tea are on the rise as evidenced by the amount of coffee-shops found on every street corner, even in the smallest of towns.Gourmet coffees and herbal teas are rising in popularity daily. Why not treat the coffee or tea lover in your life to gifts of premium coffee and premium tea?

Coffee Gift Ideas

There are so many coffee gift ideas, it is hard to narrow it down to just one. Koa Coffee offers gourmet coffee that is only found in Hawaii. The volcanic soil produces a coffee bean that has a distinct, smoky flavor. Kona coffees are some of the most sought after coffees on the market. With the price of coffee due to rise this year, I urge you to take advantage of their special offers. Add in some of the delicious macadamia nuts that made Hawaii famous and you have a coffee treat any coffee addict will love.

Another coffee gift idea is to gift what are being called “magic coffee makers.” These are the new coffee pots on the market that brew each cup individually. This is a great gift idea for those who have more than one coffee drinker in the house. For example, if the wife prefers a flavored, gourmet coffee and the husband prefers a regular cup of joe, each can have the coffee he or she prefers, without any waste.

The single-serve coffee makers are also great for those who live alone. There is no more waste or coffee thrown out. Each cup brews within minutes and is always fresh and delicious. The coffee “cups” used for brewing come in a wide variety of flavors and strengths.

In addition to gifting coffee and coffee pots, there are so many other gifts you can tie into coffee. A tin of homemade biscotti or home-baked scones go well with coffee. If you are on a tight budget, consider making “coffee spoons” to gift. Simply dip plastic spoons into melted chocolate, roll in colored sugar crystals, cover with plastic wrap and a festive ribbon and you have a tasteful gift.

In fact, for under $20, you can gift a pound of southern-style coffee, such as Community coffee, scones, and coffee spoons. Many gourmet coffee brands sell mini-bags of coffee in different flavors. Pick up a few of these, a nice mug, and you have a gift any coffee drinker will love.

Tea Gift Ideas

For the tea drinker, there are just as many gourmet teas gift ideas. Teas are gaining in popularity because the tannic acid in tea has been proven to be a powerful antioxidant. Even people who don’t care for the taste of regular-style teas seem to love some flavor of herbal tea. Herbal teas are available in a wide variety of flavors including lemon, orange, mint, chamomile, lavender, spice, and blueberry, just to name a few.

A multiple teas gift idea is a good choice for that special tea lover in your life. There are many tea samplers that are available for purchase. These samplers usually contain an assortment of teas for the tea lover to try. A breakfast tea sampler, for example, would include Earl Grey, an English breakfast tea, an Irish breakfast tea, and a Scottish breakfast tea. Green tea samplers might include different varieties of green tea, as well as white teas.

Coffee and Tea Gift Basket Ideas

Other great gifts include a coffee gift basket and a tea gift basket. These gift baskets can either be done by professionals or by you. Different types of coffees and teas as well as cookies and other baked goods will hit the spot.

Consider adding in some of the fragrant loose teas, along with brewing instructions in your tea gift basket. Coffee gift baskets could include whole-bean coffee, along with a French press and grinder.

Coffee and Tea Clubs

Finally, don’t forget coffee and tea clubs. A gift of a coffee or tea club membership is a gift that keeps on giving. Every month, different varieties of coffee and teas are delivered straight to the recipient’s door. A membership in a coffee or tea club allows the recipient to take a trip around the world.

From Hawaii to Chile to Argentina, some of the best coffees in the world can be sampled. Tea clubs often send different types of teas from China, Japan, England, Ireland, and South Africa.

Both teas and coffees offer such a wide variety of flavors and tastes, you are sure to find something for everyone.

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