Clothing Gift Ideas

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Clothing Gift Ideas

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Clothing gifts can be difficult to purchase for men and women. Teens especially are hard to buy for. Styles change almost daily it seems and everyone has a preference as to what they like to wear. I find that with a few tips and hints, clothes outfits are not only appreciated, they are popular choices.

If you know sizes and the recipient’s taste in clothing, giving the gift of designer clothes is always a good choice.

Teens love designer clothing and usually can’t afford to purchase them on their own.

Both men and women will refrain from purchasing designer clothing due to the cost. That’s why giving such a gift is sure to be a gift that is appreciated.

Designer Clothes Gift Ideas

Designer clothing is available for all budgets. You don’t have to spend a large amount to give fashionable clothing. Kohl’s carries designer clothing for a marked-down price. Their Candies’ gift collection is quite popular with the teen and tween set. They also carry clothing for every occasion in their men and women’s departments.

Kohl’s is known for having some of the lowest prices for some of the hottest clothes. By stacking their sales and coupons along with the popular Kohl’s cash, you can find some wonderful bargains. By going to their website and signing up for their email list, you can receive notification of their sales. They also send coupons for up to 60% off via email. Be sure to let them know Cassandra sent you.

If you don’t know sizes, Kohl’s and most other clothing stores carry gift cards and gift certificates. Use the coupons you are sent to score some great prices on their gift cards.

Boutique Clothing Gift Ideas

Teens love boutique clothes. Stores such as Hot Topic and Claire’s carry clothes and accessories that all teens will enjoy. No matter their taste, there is something they can find. I recommend buying gift cards for teens and tweens. Their choices in clothing change from day-to-day and are often based on what their friends are wearing.

Men and women both appreciate clothing from high-end boutiques. Even if you can’t find an item of clothing from one of these boutiques, you can usually score some great accessories. Chunky jewelry for women is in style now and boutiques will often carry one-of-a-kind jewelry choices that are often handmade by local artists. Men will appreciate a unique tie clasp or a hand-tooled leather belt.

Other Clothing Gift Ideas

Other clothing gift ideas include athletic clothing for those friends and loved ones who love to visit the gym or who are interested in a sport. There are several different sporting good stores available. One of my favorites is Lands End. They carry clothing for every sport you can think of and carry sporting goods as well.

Clothes gift ideas can include sweaters, jackets, camisoles, jeans, and shoes. Old Navy is well- known for putting their tanks and camisoles on special sale. The trend this season is to layer tanks and camisoles. You can usually get as many as three tanks or camisoles for under $10.

Nostalgic Clothes Gift Ideas

For those recipients who adore classic rock, I recommend rock-and-roll t-shirts from Wolfgang’s Vault. They carry classic rock t-shirts from bands such as Aerosmith, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, and hundreds of others. I have found that rock band t-shirts are gifts for all ages.

Men, women, and teens alike love these shirts. They even carry a schedule on their site of classic band concerts. Consider gifting a t-shirt and concert tickets for a gift that will make the recipient’s eyes shine.

If you want to purchase a clothing gift, but don’t want the hassle of the mall, check out my department store gift ideas webpage. I have teamed up with some of the top department stores. This partnership has enabled me to provide deep discounts and savings from popular departments stores such as Lord & Taylor, Kohl’s, Sears, and many others. You can purchase either clothing gifts or gift cards directly from your home. This saves you both time and money. I am also able to offer you free shipping from most of these vendors.

Looking for clothing gift savings? Then be sure to check out my webpage featuring all the daily gift ideas on sale. Merchandisers often send me one-of-a-kind sales events. Many of these are what I call “secret sales.” I am able to post these sales and offer you savings of up to 80% on some items.

The “Gifts on Sale” page changes daily depending on what is being offered. You will definitely want to bookmark this page and check it every day. This is one way you can save money and still give clothing gifts that look as if you spent a lot.

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