Buying Jewellry Gifts Online

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Buying Jewellry Gifts Online

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Jewelry gifts used to be the domain of women. This is no longer true. With the introduction of jewelry worn by hip-hop artists and male movie stars, jewelry has become as popular with men as it has with women. Teens love turquoise jewellery and use it as a way to express who they are.

There are a wide range of jewelry gift ideas. Jewelry gifts can run from high-end watches, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, to body jewelry and hand-crafted jewelry made by local artisans. Thanks to the Internet, giving a jewelry gift has become more affordable than ever.

I prefer to purchase jewelry online from accredited stores. The jewelry stores you usually see in the mall have such a high mark-up, that you rarely get what you pay for. Remember, when buying from a brick-and-mortar store, you are not only paying the price of the jewelry, you are also paying for the elaborate overhead included in running a store.

Jewelry stores in particular seem to have a higher overhead than other stores. This is because jewelry stores have to pay for the cost of the carpeted, hushed atmosphere, the price of employing a security guard, and the price of the elaborate display cases. Internet stores eliminate the overhead. Stores and vendors are then able to pass their savings to you.

Buying Diamonds Online

Diamonds in particular are a jewelry gift I recommend you buy online. Diamonds have the highest markup of any precious gem or stone. You can easily find diamond stores that offer wonderful deals online. Besides savings, diamond stores that sell online offer both accredited stones and stones that have been rated in accordance with their cut, clarity, and color.

This means the diamonds are certified to their quality and you know what you are getting. Now, buying diamonds online is about price and customer service.

Cut, color, and clarity are considered to be the three “C’s” of diamond purchasing. You should look for stones that have been approved by the diamond cutters of the world.

Chocolate Diamonds

The newest trend in diamonds is what are known as “chocolate diamonds.” Chocolate diamonds are diamonds that are a light shade of brown. While these stones are beautiful, I must advise you against spending large amounts of money on them. These are actually diamonds that in the past were discarded because of their color.

One of the top diamond sellers came up with the idea of marketing them as “chocolate-colored” diamonds. In reality, they are diamonds that normally would not pass the color and clarity test.

They are diamonds and they are beautiful, just please be cautious when purchasing them. They most certainly should not cost more than a clear-colored diamond.

How Much to Spend on Engagement Rings

Many people have also bought into the rule of thumb that states for engagement rings, three months worth of salary is the appropriate price. This slogan was in fact, invented by the diamond companies to boost sales.

By shopping online, you can save money on diamonds that have just as high, if not higher, a quality as those found in stores. You can also find these diamonds for around one week of salary. Seriously, if you are getting married and just starting out, do you really want to be in debt over a ring?

Hand Crafted Jewelry

Other jewelry gift ideas include hand-crafted jewelry often made by local artisans. Not only are you supporting local business when purchasing a jewelry gift such as this, you are also receiving a piece of jewelry that is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Body Jewelry for Men, Women and Teens

Body jewelry is popular with men, women, and teens. Lately you can choose from tongue bars, nose rings, belly button rings, and gauges for the body, face, eyebrows, and ears. If you are unsure what size or what gauge your recipient wears, consider a gift certificate to an online boutique that specializes in body jewelry.

Mother’s Ring

My favorite jewelry gift idea is the gift of a mother’s ring or pendant to a mother on Mother’s Day. This jewelry gift idea is sure to please her. A mother’s ring or mother’s pendant is a piece of jewelry that contains both the mother’s birthstone along with the birthstones of her children.

Online stores can usually hand-craft these pieces to your specifications. A hand-crafted pendant is a gift your mother will treasure for the rest of her life.

Watches as Jewelry Gifts

Watches are popular jewelry gifts for those who are retiring and those who are graduating from high school or college. Invest in a high-end piece that will be treasured for years to come. Many online jewelry stores carry Rolex watches for a fraction of the in-store prices.

You can also find high-end watches that are crafted in Switzerland online. These timepieces are known world-wide for their precision and attention to detail. Often, you’ll find Swiss watchmakers that have been performing their craft for centuries. The craft is passed down from one family member to another.

Other Jewelry Gift Ideas

Earrings are a jewelry gift that is appropriate for both males and females. It is not uncommon to find males who have their ears pierced. Look for online boutiques that specialize in both male and female styles.

Other ideas include insignia rings for men and strings of pearls for women. Both of these gift ideas are tasteful and can be worn both casually and at dressier functions. Pearls and signet rings match well with both jeans and cocktail wea

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