Book Gift Ideas

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Book Gift Ideas

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Books, Music, and Movie Gift Ideas

I love to give and receive books, music and movies. Usually, you can’t go wrong giving these choices as gifts. Even people who don’t enjoy reading enjoy listening to music and watching movies. These gift types usually appeal to people of all ages. They are also appropriate for both men and women. If there is one type of gift you just can’t go wrong giving, I would say book gifts, music gifts, and movie gifts are this type.

Book Gift Ideas

Technology has advanced so much that giving books as gifts has become simple. I used to hate to give books as gifts simply because I had no idea what my friends already owned or had already read. Unless they specifically told me a book they wanted to read, I stayed away from these types of gifts. I no longer do this because there are now a wide range of book gift ideas.

Some popular book gift ideas include gift cards to bookstores such as Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble offers the opportunity to purchase books both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

You can purchase gift cards from them online and have the gift card sent directly to the recipient’s email. Amazon works the same way. You can order the gift card online and have it sent directly to the recipient’s email address. I find most adults love receiving these.

If you know the recipient has an eReader, such as the Nook or the Kindle, consider a subscription to an eBook service. While eBooks for the Nook and Kindle can be purchased from Barnes and Noble and Amazon, there are many other eBook choices available. One such store is They not only offer eBooks for eReaders, they also offer eBooks for the pc, laptop, Sony Playstation, and mobile phones.

If you have the funds and are willing to spend the money, consider gifting your recipient with an eReader. I find that eReaders make wonderful gifts for any age. They are thoughtful gifts for the elderly who love to read because the text can be magnified.

If you know a young adult attending college, a gift card or certificate to one of the online textbook sellers is a good idea. Textbooks for college can run a college student broke. Every bit of help is appreciated. One of my favorite textbook sellers is They offer up to 50% off all new textbooks.

Music Gift Ideas

Music is a very popular gift. I find that music makes a wonderful gift choice for young teens, young adults, and friends or loved ones who are active. Music gift ideas are much more than just a CD. Just about everyone has some sort of mp3 player. I have found that iTunes is compatible with all different styles of mp3 players.

The gift cards are easy to find. They are available both online at the Apple and iTunes store and available from most retailers and drugstores. When I can’t think of any other type of gift to give, I give an iTunes gift card.

One of my preferred music clubs is This particular club is around $10 to join and includes 24 free songs just for trying a membership. Each month, members of the club get 24 new songs.
eMusic is compatible with all types of mp3 players and all music downloaded is the users to keep. I got a membership to this club for a nephew who is never without his mp3 player. He said it was one of his top gifts.

Movie Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t love watching movies? The opportunity to escape into another world is intoxicating. There are so many movie gift ideas, it is difficult to name them all. For teens and young adults, I recommend gift cards and certificates to the local theater. Movies are popular date night activities and tickets have become very expensive.

Luckily, you can help out the movie addict in your life by purchasing movie tickets online from either the local cinema or from Fandango. Often, you can find a great sale.

For those who enjoy their movies on Blu-ray or DVD, there are many DVD gifts to be given. DVD gift ideas include a membership to Netflix, where the recipient can choose his or her own movies each month. Netflix offers a wide variety of different packages, some for as little as less than $10.

In addition to DVD deliveries through the mail, viewers can stream movies directly to their pc or laptop without waiting for the mail. Redbox also offers coupons for DVD rentals for only one dollar a night.

By shopping carefully and using my recommended vendors, you will find that gifting books, music, and movies can be easy and inexpensive. More importantly, you will be giving gifts that all recipients will enjoy.

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