Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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A baby shower is a chance for the mom-to-be to celebrate with all her friends. A baby shower also serves the purpose of allowing the future mom to receive advice and gifts. Baby shower gifts are given to help the new mom out as she prepares for the arrival of her child. There are many different types of gifts for a baby shower. These gift ideas range from the practical to the sentimental.

Diapers are a wonderful baby shower gift idea. Every mom needs diapers and lots of them. You can either choose to give the mom-to-be a large case of size small diapers or if you wish to be truly extravagant, a membership to a diaper service is sure to be appreciated. Diaper services are growing in popularity due to environmental concerns. Regardless, diapers are something a new mom can never have to many of.

Baby monitors are another type of popular baby shower gift. Baby monitors allow both mom and dad to have peace of mind as they move about the house. Technology has advanced to the point that baby monitors can now pick up the baby’s breathing and movement from as much as 650 feet away. Baby monitors are also available in models that have both motion sensors and video capability.

Baby Shower Favorites

Sleepers, blankets, and bottles are other practical baby shower gifts. When purchasing sleepers, pick up a variety of sizes. Don’t worry if a sleeper is initially to big for baby. Babies grow rapidly and the sleeper will get good use. Blankets that are warm, soft, and fuzzy should be purchased for the new baby. Bottles come in handy even for breast-feeding moms.

If you’d prefer to give a sentimental gift marking the birth of baby, consider an engraved photo frame for baby’s first picture. Another engraved baby shower gift idea is a silver sippy cup, engraved with baby’s name. Soft, plush, stuffed animals and teethers are other ideas. Baby may not use these during the first months of life, but these toys will come in handy soon enough.

Eco-friendly gifts include a membership to a diaper service as mentioned previously, eco-friendly hanging mobiles, made from recycled materials, and eco-friendly clothing choices, such as those made from comfortable, 100 percent organically-grown cotton. A matching pajama set for baby and mother is a cute eco-friendly idea.

Baby Shower Presents

Another type of gift idea includes planting a tree in honor of baby’s birthday. Choose something strong and hardy such as an oak. Planting the tree in a park is a nice idea, because that provides an outing for the mom and the child. Also, if the family moves, they don’t have to worry about moving the tree. They can come back and enjoy it anytime. Mom can watch her child and the tree grow together.

A gift certificate for a spa-day for the new mom is another baby shower gift idea that is sure to be appreciated. After giving birth and going home with baby, mom is going to be exhausted. Providing the new mom with some “me-time” is probably one of the best gifts there is. Include a note offering to baby-sit so that mom doesn’t have to worry about the baby.

If possible, find out from the hostess of the baby shower what the mom-to-be has picked as her nursery theme and as her colors. If she has chosen a theme such as a specific children’s movie character or a color scheme such as brown and pink, please attempt to remain within the theme. She has thought long and hard about this and has arrived at what she feels is the best choice for her family.

Many soon-to-be moms have taken advantage of the various baby gift registries that are now available. If you are a close friend or family member of the mom-to-be, she has undoubtedly let you know where she is registered. If not, the hostess of the baby shower will know.

You can go into the registry via the Internet and view the items that the mom-to-be needs for her new arrival. Generally, the mother-to-be has selected many different items ranging in price, so you can find a gift that fits your budget.

Gifts for a baby shower are not difficult to purchase and can be fun to buy. This is a time of joy that the new mom has invited you to share. By taking your time and choosing a wonderful baby shower gift, you are showing the mom-to-be you are honored to be included.

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