About Free Stuff & UK Freebies

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About Free Stuff & UK Freebies

If you enjoy getting that occasional free pass to your favourite club or a discount coupon to a popular restaurant or just a small gift for purchasing things you would have bought anyway, then you are not alone. With every company vying for customers’ attention, giving away free stuff is becoming extremely popular these days.

Give a ways, jackpots, free prizes are all different names for freebies waiting to be given away. You will find them sitting in your inbox, wrapped in a fancy magazine, or waiting on your cell phone. UK Freebies are also gaining popularity among shop a holics that are more than happy to receive free gifts for nothing. But the question is, are they really free or an invitation in disguise to sign up for stuff you may not even have considered otherwise? Freebies are good provided you know who is giving them and why.

Freebies for promotion

A freebie can sometimes be a relationship building exercise wherein companies offer some really useful gifts to customers to simply thank them for being there. So, don’t be surprised if you find calendars, planners, pens, or clocks coming your way. However, freebies may not necessarily be physical gifts only. They could be eBooks or animated screen savers too that are meant to be downloaded for free.

UK Freebies to get more customers

Sometimes, companies send you free passes to an event or offer you a free holiday only to get you to sign up for more expensive services. These can put you on the spot, as you eventually end up buying them once you have accepted the free stuff they gave you. Beware of such companies who literally trick you into buying their products / services simply because you had not mastered the art of saying ‘NO’.

So, the next time you come under the spell of the word ‘freebies’, spare a minute to think if it’s really worth it! Ask questions to find out what you are expected to do in return. The freebie world can be very exciting provided you know when to draw the line.

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