A Star Studded Glittering Christmas with Icicle Lights

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A Star Studded Glittering Christmas with Icicle Lights

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What is Christmas without the glittering lights decorating every available place in the house? Without the star studded glow of the icicle lights on a dark Christmas night, everything seems incomplete? And of course how will Santa drop his gifts if there are no lights illuminating the houses from within as well as outside?

The answer to all these questions lies in the fact that icicle lights have become very popular Christmas decorations in the past few years or so. Putting them on the Christmas tree, outlining the front of your houses with them, lighting up the paths to your house; they can be used to add an extra dimension to every corner of your house. Coming in various hues and colors, these LED icicle lights have a longer life and are safer to use than the common Christmas lights available. They are also available in many different styles and lengths; while some may be in solid colors, others might be blinking, flashing or chasing each other.

There are also a lot of innovative themes that can be built around these icicle lights. You can create a design with these lights and decorate your home around this design. With candy canes, artificial snowflakes etc, you can create a lovely white background to celebrate Christmas. Or you can also use multi colored lights to light up your Christmas tree adding a warm glow to the room. Mistletoe, ribbons, stars and other bright colored objects can also be used as ornaments to give your homes a warm inviting look.

Icicle lights can be used for several years if stored properly. The trick is to store them without tangling because once they get tangles it is very difficult to untangle them. So if you do not want to buy new LED icicle lights every year, you should take a lot of care with storing them properly.

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