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Wine Gifts

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Wine gifts are the way to go when you need a bold gift that will make a strong statement! Whether it’s a corporate gift, a romantic gift or for another occasion, we are here to help make your wine gift shopping experience easier.

Wine gifts of champagne and merlot combined with savory gourmet food will earn you points in business. Choose from a unique assortment of wine gift baskets when saying thank you to a business associate who helped you close a deal, or worked hard on your behalf.

Send Wine Gifts

Take a look below at our favorite merchant, All Wine Baskets. They offer a unique selection of premium wine gifts as well as creative gourmet wine gift baskets. They also offer same day delivery, or at least within 24 hours, on many uniquely themed and special occasion gourmet wine baskets. Another favorite is the Wine of the Month.

Check out “The Corporate Clincher .” This is a powerful wine gift that will woo business clients with an elegant leather chest filled with wine and gourmet foods. You can choose from merlot, chardonnay and champagne.

Some other great wine gifts are: “The Clubhouse,” – perfect golf gift for the sportsman on your list; the “Dom Perignon Experience” – great for wedding gifts; and the “Chocolate Dipped Wine” – one of the top-rated romantic gifts; a hand dipped Guittard dark chocolate dipped bottle of wine or champagne

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Unique Gifts

Category : Gifts

After many years of trying to find unique gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and such you’re probably running out of ideas. Consider gourmet food gifts. In a convenient manner look below at our gourmet merchants & find unique gifts for the food lover. From wine, coffee, tea, & cheese of the month clubs to monthly steak, dessert and fruit plans our merchants have exceptional and unique gift ideas.

Unique food gifts

At A1 Food Gifts, we aim to provide you with unique gifts. As we like to think, people are passionate about food even if they don’t know it. It can be the hidden pleasures offered in decadently rich chocolate cake, luscious chocolates, or savory meats. You’ll find that certain unique gifts lend themselves better to a particular gender. For example, tbone and porterhouse steaks are popular gifts for him & can be ordered hand cut, fresh from Pfaelzer Brothers, whereas the galpal purse filled with gourmet chocolates makes a great gift for her, from iGourmet.

How to choose a unique gift

Our suggested food merchants below offer the best unique gift items. Choose from theme gourmet gift baksets from golf gift baskets to organic gourmet gift baskets. The only constraint is imagination, so take a good look at what our merchants offer and find the unique gifts for your special occasions; birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, holiday gifts, romantic gifts, valentine gifts, mother’s day gifts and father’s day gifts.

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Thank You Gift Ideas for Nurse Gifts and Nursing Assistant Appreciation Gifts

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Finding creative ways to say thank you may be easier than you think. Many of my customers let me know what they are looking for by emailing me questions regarding appropriate thank you gift ideas for special occasions.

I had a customer in need of a gift of appreciation for a very special reason. She asked me for thank you gift ideas to express her heartfelt appreciation for the nurses, nursing assistants and caregivers who had helped her during a difficult transition in her and her family’s life.

I explained to her that having delectable food gifts delivered as nurse gifts, nursing assistant appreciation gifts and volunteer appreciation gifts are appropriate when words are not enough. Creative baskets are deliciously lined with gourmet specialty goodies that many recipients can enjoy and remember the kindred friendships that occur during difficult times.

Doctors, Home Health and Hospice nurses, nursing assistants, caregivers and volunteers go the extra mile when it comes to caring for patients and their families. Each in their own way they are eager to satisfy the needs of families, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

It takes a special kind of person to do the thoughtful and caring jobs these professionals do.  Nursing assistant appreciation gifts are singled out this week for finding creative ways to say thank you and thank you gift ideas for these dedicated people. Creative baskets say it all when these special nursing assistants receive your gifts of appreciation.
Having gourmet food gifts delivered in gorgeous creative baskets conveys heartfelt gifts of appreciation to thoughtfully dedicated and caring people. These appropriate thank you gift ideas are creative ways to say thank you to in hospital and Home Health nurses, nursing assistants, hospice workers and volunteers.

Shirley Bass at specializes in creative ways to say thank you to those special people who touch our lives when words are not enough. Thank you gift ideas and gourmet creative baskets go hand in hand when searching for special gifts of appreciation.

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Category : Gifts

Yes it’s true, we’ve rounded up gourmet food merchants whose specialty is to send fresh, hand cutsteaks directly to you or as a food gift to someone special! At A1 Food Gifts, we’ve put together online merchants that offer “monthly gourmet gift steak plans,” as well as “specialty steaks assortments” for gifts such as: prime rib, filet mignon or t bone steaks.

You can order a gift assorment of steaks from our online merchants below and have your package delivered overnight! Or, choose these tantalizing, flavorful steaks for family meals or dinner parties.

What you can expect are the highest quality, USDA prime steaks that have been properly aged, for maximum tenderness, juiciness and taste.

Steaks make great gifts for men

Mouthwatering steaks are one of those foods that put us in good spirits and make excellent gifts for men! If you’re looking for some online gift ideas for men, (birthday gifts, groomsman gifts, gifts for dad, corporate gifts) order specialty steaks. Why not send some premium black angus filet mignon, new york strips or rib eye steak to dad. Or how about an 8-ounce t bone steak and porterhouse steak gift assortment as a thank you gift to an important business associate.

Treat yourself

Too busy to run around town preparing for a dinner party? You can order everything you need online with our gourmet food merchants. From hand cut filet mignon steaks, fresh seafood, appetizers to fine wine and decadent desserts. Why not surprise your loved one by ordering a romantic steak dinner for two. Or fire up the grill, pull out the steak knives and invite some friends over for a memorable night.

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Sports Baskets Fill Fishing Creels with Delights for Fisherman and Sportsmen Alike

Category : Gifts

I wonder what happened to him. Standing on the bank of the river he and I vied for the biggest catch of the day. Many a time, we stood by the campfire warming ourselves, before daybreak, anxiously waiting for the hunt to begin.

Haven’t you ever thought of a long lost buddy wondering what they’ve been up to lately?

My son has reunited with his high school buddies on FaceBook. And Google helps us find and research people, businesses and information for just about any of our needs. In fact, my husband renewed several special friendships with a variety ofsports baskets, which represented his relationship with them.

Sports baskets are an opportunity for men to laugh and enjoy scrumptious bites of goodness and antics that go with individual relationships and activities. Men enjoy visiting with special friends and keeping relationships lively, especially when the esprit de corps or camaraderie stands out among the best.

And you can have a little fun, while surprising those special friends with themed gifts designed just for men.

Fishing gift baskets fill creels to the brim, while overflowing with hardy bites of summer sausage, three cheese snack mix, grained mustard, seasoned pretzels, sweets and a fishing themed photo frame. Just imagine his pride, as he gloats over a prized fish placed in a specialty photo frame just for him. He’ll boast to all of his friends about who gave him a gift for old time’s sake.

Gift baskets for men also offer your buddy a Fisherman’s Guide to Life book or a book filled with Fishing Wisdom. A variety of fishing creels hold all of this and more. Such as a coffee mug that will remind him of you…a great fisherman, too! And gummy worms to make the day a little sweeter and certainly smell a lot tastier than earth worms or catfish bait ever will.

You’ll find a Hunter Retreat gift basket filled with gifts for guy friends. A dark stained hamper with a lid and leather clasp holds good things to eat today and perhaps tomorrow it will hold favorite photos of his hunts combined.

The hamper is filled with a themed coffee mug,  Café’ Latte Barista Coffee, honey mustard pretzels, garlic sausage, vanilla caramel corn, Swiss cheese wedges, chocolate chip cookies and scrumptious pepper water crackers.

Saying hello to an ol’ buddy has never been easier. Sending sports baskets filled with friendship gets you a hello and a smile. And who knows, maybe someday soon you’ll stand together on the bank of a river and wet a hook again. It’s worth a try…don’t you think?

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Ordering Cakes

Category : Gifts

Ordering cakes and cookies online for gifts or for the dessert lover in your life is one of the nicest things that you can do. With the fine selection of cakes from our merchants you can choose from German chocolate cake, cheesecake, fruit cake & carrot cake to coconut white chocolate cream cake, & coffee cake. These luscious, velvety cakes are the very definition of irresistible and are sure to delight your gift recipient, or the guests at your dinner party!

Cookies & cookie bouquet

Any dessert lover is going to be thrilled to receive cookies. Try the exciting cookies & cookie bouquet from AKA Gourmet for birthday gifts, thank you gifts, and congratulations. What better way to celebrate someone’s success than with fun, festive balloons? How about with this fantastic cookie balloon bouquet? This beautifully hand decorated butter cream cookie arrangement is sure to bring a smile to their face.

At David’s cookies are a way of life. Surprise the cookie lover in your life with the “cookie of the month club” for 3, 6, or 12 consecutive months with free shipping. Or send the freshly baked cookie gift basket filled with your choice of assorted fresh baked chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal cookies to brownies, cookie dough, ruggalach and more.

Dessert delivery

Please visit our merchants below to order sinfully rich cakes, cookies & cookie bouqet online. Whether this gift is for a house warming gift, mother’s day gift or birthday gift, you are sure to please! But remember, cakes, cookies and sweets don’t need to be reserved for someone else. When you’re busy and finding the time for meal planning is challenging, take advantage of ordering desserts online. This will come in useful for entertaining, dinner parties and family meals.

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Magically Uplift Spirits with Creative Baskets

Category : Gifts

Eyes sparkle, faces glow!  Magical things happened when creative baskets overflowing with specialty gourmet goodies arrive at your door. It’s as much of a kid thing as when we were kids on Christmas morn.  It’s like waking up to a Christmas stocking filled with golden foiled chocolates that melt in your mouth before they’ve had a chance to melt in your hand.

The most jovial moments are rummaging through the creative baskets, turning them inside out to see and touch each of the specialty gourmet goodies.  It’s like an Easter egg hunt with all the eggs in your basket, but magically you’ve found the golden egg filled with stars and silver dollars.

The munchies win out and devouring the specialty gourmet goodies becomes an obsession with each taste and sound of yum. The experience has been a good one and your friend is glad they were on your list of gift giving.

Creative Baskets completely emptied with each specialty gourmet goodie having found a home, you ask, “What will we do with this lovely scene of a lonely creative basket standing alone”?

“We’ll doctor it up as you did me, when you added me to your gift giving list”, comes the reply. “We’ll bake and sugar and roll out cheese logs, and then we’ll place them in this creative basket and send it on to another friend”.

“We’ve had so much fun with this creative basket! I’m glad you stayed long enough to crunch and munch it. We’ll go online tomorrow and thank the place it came from and see if they have more creative baskets we can we can give to two more friends”.

Do you remember ever feeling this way, excited and happy to either give or receive a gift? Magically your spirits are lifted; no matter what end your endeavors are on. Personally giving gifts makes me a happier person. It’s the thrill of seeing and knowing what it feels like to be recognized as someone special.

All occasion gift baskets are magical gifts for anyone, anytime and for any reason:

•    Hang in there gift baskets will convey your speedy recovery wishes to special friends.
•    Gourmet gift baskets for men can be given as Father’s day gifts, business gifts, or simply because you appreciate him.
•    Gift baskets for women can both be gourmet or bath and candle gift baskets. Let her sink into a spa atmosphere with a good book, a hot tub and a box of chocolates for a relaxing moment.

The list goes on an on for gift giving options available to us. There are infants, kids, sports, birthdays and accomplishment to be appreciated.

When we became a daughter or son, a mom or dad, made a friend or started working, we created a reason to make someone happy including ourselves.

It’s easy to convey our good wishes with the magic of creative baskets overflowing with specialty gourmet goodies anytime someone needs cheering up or congratulations is in order, or when we simply want to say, ‘I’m thinking of you.’ Jewel of a gift idea!

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Lobster, Salmon and Crab

Category : Gifts

Order lobster, Pacific Northwest smoked salmon & Dungeness crab from our select online merchants and get ready for something special. What we have done at A1 Food Gifts is to review and choose quality merchants who really know what the seafood lover wants.

These merchants offer top quality, fresh lobster, salmon & crab in unique gift packages. Why not have them ship live Maine lobster or Alaskan king crab directly to your front door just in time to start cooking.

Share lobster & crab with your family and friends

Lobster and crab fests are so much fun and this is a great way to bring people together! Kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles, all get into the family spirit when mouthwatering Maine lobster arrives done to perfection.

If you’re planning a dinner party with friends or for any occasion, we recommend Their live lobsters are caught off the coast of Maine every morning and shipped, live, overnight via Fed ex. Check out their unique seafood gift packages with lobster, Alaskan king crab & Dungeness crab.

The Perfect gift

We love the “Lobster Bakes” from as a great way to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. All of their orders come with a cookbook, bibs, placemats, Maine cooking sea salt and wet naps as well as appetizers and dessert which you select.

Unique gifts for dad are difficult to find, but rest assured, if your dad enjoys Maine lobster and seafood, he will glow over his present. Be sure to check out their exciting gift packages as you will undoubtedly find other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and gifts for mom, where this gift will be well received.

Wild Salmon from the Pacific Northwest

Need a memorable corporate gift or a treat for someone special? Wild salmon, fresh or smoked, is perfect any time of the year. What better way is there to say thank you than with a melt-in-your-mouth fresh fillet of Coho salmon or the great flavor of smoked wild king salmon.

SeaBear Smokehouse has these great gifts and more. Check out their A-Z product listings. And remember, not only is this a tasty treat but a healthy one, too. Fish is very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and eating foods rich in these is great for your heart.

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Gourmet gift baskets

Category : Gifts

When you need to go that extra mile and really say a memorable thank you or congratulations, think about sending gourmet gift basketsfilled with mouthwatering unique gourmet foods and wine. When someone you know or love opens the door to a delivery person holding your specially chosen gift basket of wine and cheese or fruit or whatever you’ve chosen, they’ll definitely know how much you care. Think about it, wouldn’t it make your day to receive such an unusual and unique gift?

Unique gift baskets

At A1 Food Gifts we’ve put together several online merchants who know what assembling and shipping gourmet gift baskets is all about. You can choose from a set selection of wine, chocolate & fruit gift baskets designed with a specific occasion in mind such as a birthday, the arrival of a new baby, a graduation, wedding, or corporate promotion. Or for a more personalized gift, put together gourmet gift baskets filled with the items you specifically had in mind. Our merchants allow you to customize each gift basket as you desire.

Romantic & corporate gifts

Let our merchants send gourmet gift baskets for you. If you need a unique gift like a golf gift basket for the golf lover in your life our merchants can accommodate. Visit AllWineBaskets for a wide selection of wine, champagne, chocolate & fruit gift baskets with some very creative twists. Want to send a romantic gift basket? Why not send chocolate dipped wine or champagne made with a chocolate jacket of Guittard dark chocolate? Or for that memorable wine and cheese gift basket, send it in a reusable picnic tote, complete with wine glasses, plates, napkins, cutlery, and detachable wine insulator.

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Gourmet Chocolate

Category : Gifts

Sending a box of gourmet chocolate will deliver rave reviews on any occasion. We, at A1 Food Gifts, reviewed several online gourmet and chocolate companies to find just the right mix of merchants to accommodate all of your gourmet chocolate gift giving needs. Here’s what we found!

1st Choice! Send Sophisticated Gourmet Chocolate: We can’t tell you. YOU need to see for yourself the stellular selection of fine French chocolates packaged and delivered from France. Exquisite hand made luxury dark chocolate in beautiful mahogany boxes and treasure chests as well as their version of the humdrum chocolate gift baskets. zChocolat for: Romantic boxes, Corporate Gifts, and Luxury Chocolate Chocolate Gift Baskets.

2nd Choice! Send Fun Gourmet Chocolate: 12-unique hand made flavors such as: Razz-matazz, Mintastic and Loca Mocha, as well as yummy chocolate truffles, in great personalized photo boxes from Dan’s Chocolates

Tower gifts and chocolate gift baskets

3rd Choice! Just as we consider Dan’s chocolates to be a fun gourmet chocolate gift to send off, we also think that the chocolate tower gifts at AKA Gourmet, are a great way to go. Why? Because people love them and they are a lot of fun to receive!

Why send gourmet chocolates?

Order chocolate gifts online: Don’t give something practical! A unique box of gourmet chocolate or dark chocolate truffles or chocolate gift baskets is just the thing. We’re all looking for unique gifts – such as “boutique” chocolate candy to make strong statements and create wonderful memories. Tie that in with the convenience of shopping online and it becomes clear that you can send delicioius gourmet chocolate gifts, hassle-free and at a moments notice.