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Jewelry Gift Ideas

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Buying Jewelry Gifts Online

Jewelry gifts used to be the domain of women. This is no longer true. With the introduction of jewelry worn by hip-hop artists and male movie stars, jewelry has become as popular with men as it has with women. Teens love jewelry and use it as a way to express who they are.

There are a wide range of jewelry gift ideas. Jewelry gifts can run from high-end watches, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, to body jewelry and hand-crafted jewelry made by local artisans. Thanks to the Internet, giving a jewelry gift has become more affordable than ever.

I prefer to purchase jewelry online from accredited stores. The jewelry stores you usually see in the mall have a high mark-up, that you rarely get the value you pay for.

Remember, when buying from a brick-and-mortar store, you are not only paying the price of the jewelry, you are also paying for the elaborate overhead included in running a store.

Jewelry stores in particular seem to have a higher overhead than other stores. This is because jewelry stores have to pay for the cost of the carpeted, hushed atmosphere, the price of employing a security guard, and the price of the elaborate display cases. Internet stores eliminate the overhead. Stores and vendors are then able to pass their savings to you.

Buying Diamonds Online

Diamonds in particular are a jewelry gift I recommend you buy online. Diamonds have the highest markup of any precious gem or stone. You can easily find diamond stores that offer wonderful deals online. Besides savings, diamond stores that sell online offer both accredited stones and stones that have been rated in accordance with their cut, clarity, and color.

This means the diamonds are certified to their quality and you know what you are getting. Now, buying diamonds online is about price and customer service.

Cut, color, and clarity are considered to be the three “C’s” of diamond purchasing. You should look for stones that have been approved by the diamond cutters of the world.

Chocolate Diamonds

The newest trend in diamonds is what are known as “chocolate diamonds.” Chocolate diamonds are diamonds that are a light shade of brown. While these stones are beautiful, I must advise you against spending large amounts of money on them. These are actually diamonds that in the past were discarded because of their color.

One of the top diamond sellers came up with the idea of marketing them as “chocolate-colored” diamonds. In reality, they are diamonds that normally would not pass the color and clarity test. They are diamonds and they are beautiful, just please be cautious when purchasing them. They most certainly should not cost more than a clear-colored diamond.

How Much to Spend on Engagement Rings

Many people have also bought into the rule of thumb that states for engagement rings, three months worth of salary is the appropriate price. This slogan was in fact, invented by the diamond companies to boost sales.

By shopping online, you can save money on diamonds that have just as high, if not higher, a quality as those found in stores. You can also find these diamonds for around one week of salary. Seriously, if you are getting married and just starting out, do you really want to be in debt over a ring?

Hand Crafted Jewelry

Other jewelry gift ideas include hand-crafted jewelry often made by local artisans. Not only are you supporting local business when purchasing a jewelry gift such as this, you are also receiving a piece of jewelry that is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Body Jewelry for Men, Women and Teens

Body jewelry is popular with men, women, and teens. Lately you can choose from tongue bars, nose rings, belly button rings, and gauges for the body, face, eyebrows, and ears. If you are unsure what size or what gauge your recipient wears, consider a gift certificate to an online boutique that specializes in body jewelry.

Mother’s Ring

My favorite jewelry gift idea is the gift of a mother’s ring or pendant to a mother on Mother’s Day. This jewelry gift idea is sure to please her. A mother’s ring or mother’s pendant is a piece of jewelry that contains both the mother’s birthstone along with the birthstones of her children.

Online stores can usually hand-craft these pieces to your specifications. A hand-crafted pendant is a gift your mother will treasure for the rest of her life.

Watches as Jewelry Gifts

Watches are popular jewelry gifts for those who are retiring and those who are graduating from high school or college. Invest in a high-end piece that will be treasured for years to come. Many online jewelry stores carry Rolex watches for a fraction of the in-store prices.

You can also find high-end watches that are crafted in Switzerland online. These timepieces are known world-wide for their precision and attention to detail. Often, you’ll find Swiss watchmakers that have been performing their craft for centuries. The craft is passed down from one family member to another.

Other Jewelry Gift Ideas

Earrings are a jewelry gift that is appropriate for both males and females. It is not uncommon to find males who have their ears pierced. Look for online boutiques that specialize in both male and female styles.

Other ideas include insignia rings for men and strings of pearls for women. Both of these gift ideas are tasteful and can be worn both casually and at dressier functions. Pearls and signet rings match well with both jeans and cocktail wear.

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How to Find the Perfect Gift Idea

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In order to find the perfect gift idea, you must first know your recipient. You must know his or her likes and dislikes, favorites, and moods. Without this type of knowledge, you will have a difficult time narrowing down all the available gift ideas.

The best gift ideas are the gift ideas that come from the heart. The perfect gift is the one that shows you care enough about the recipient to put some thought and effort into choosing the gift. There are several things to consider when considering gift suggestions.

• Your Budget- Setting a firm amount to spend on your recipient from the beginning enables you to narrow down the gift ideas for your recipient.

• The Occasion- Is this an important milestone or an important holiday? For example, the 30th Birthday is more important than the 28th.

• The Relationship- What type of relationship do you have with the recipient? Do you have an intimate relationship as you would with a spouse, sibling, parent, or best friend? Or are you searching for agift suggestion for co-workers or relatives you do not share a close bond with?

Once you have decided on the budget, occasion, and relationship, you are ready to narrow down your gift idea for your recipient.

What Makes a Great Gift Idea?

The best gift ideas, as mentioned before, are ones that show you care. Is the recipient a fan of sports? Taking the hobbies and interests of the person receiving the gift into consideration is very important. You wouldn’t want to give someone who enjoys gardening a book on cooking.

Stop for a moment and think. Have you ever received a gift that made you wonder if the giver knew anything about you at all? A gift that you would never use or display? Think about how that made you feel.

A great gift doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, when shopping for the person “who has everything,” an inexpensive keepsake may be the answer to a gift-giving dilemma. Of course, value is often in the “eye and mind of the beholder.” A personalized keepsake may mean more to the recipient than the most expensive of gifts. Even if your recipient seems to have everything, there is some sort of unique gift that can be purchased.

Gift ideas for people who have everything include donations made in their names to favorite charities, adopt-an-animal, purchasing stars, or dedicating trees and benches in parks in their names. I address many of these gift-giving quandaries here on my “Online Gift Idea” pages. You’ll find suggestions for every budget and for every possible gift-giving scenario.

Online gift ideas are often the best gift ideas. The Internet puts the world at your fingertips. Do you have someone who has always wanted to travel to distant lands? You can order gifts from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Souvenirs and exotic gifts are only a mouse click away. You can even give the gift of a foreign language through foreign language lessons.

A Simple Present Versus a Keepsake

What exactly is a keepsake gift? A keepsake gift is one the recipient will treasure forever, keep, and hand down to another generation. Most keepsake gifts tie into memories and emotions. The difference between a simple present and a keepsake gift is never related to money. Instead, it is related to thought and the heart. Consider these simple gifts that with a little thought and just a bit more effort became keepsakes.

• A baby blanket bought at a local store is a simple present. Stitch the baby’s name and date of birth on the blanket and the blanket is now a keepsake.

• A photo album gifted to a recent graduate is a simple present. Personalize the photo album by having friends and family members place notes and pictures of their memories of the graduate in the photo album and it is now a keepsake.

• Giving flowers is a simple present. Having those flowers placed in an engraved vase with the date and the names of all the children is a keepsake gift.

In addition, the power of the presentation of the gift should not be overlooked. An intimate gift to a spouse or significant other should be presented with low lights and soft music playing. Don’t under-estimate the power of wrapping paper.

Consider wrapping a gift in something other than traditional wrapping paper. Wrap a gift for a baby in a fluffy receiving blanket. Antique lace found at a vintage store is a unique wrapping method for a gift for a parent. Wrap a gift idea for a sports fan in his favorite team jersey.

Remember, if you are having trouble finding a great online gift idea for your special person, you can always send me a personal email and I will reply to you with other online gift ideas. Together, you and I can find the perfect gift for your recipient. I guarantee you will be able to find a unique, personal gift that comes from your heart, regardless of how large or small your budget.

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Housewarming Gifts

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When someone moves into or buys his or her first home, it is a cause for celebration. Housewarming parties are held so all the friends can see the home.

It is tradition when you have a friend or loved one move into a new home to present the friend or loved one with a housewarming gift. Buying housewarming gifts can be tricky, so here are a few housewarming gift ideas, hints, and even advice on what not to purchase.

Ideas for Housewarming Gifts

When trying to select ideas for housewarming gifts, consider going room-by-room. Kitchen utensils, pots and pans, aprons, linens, mixers, blenders, toasters, and silverware can always be used. You can often find these on sale at various department stores as well as Kohl’s.

Fresh plants brighten up a home. A potted plant is a housewarming gift idea that will be appreciated. Include instructions on how to best care for the plant. If you know your recipient does not have a “green thumb” or suffers from allergies, a silk plant works instead of a fresh plant.

Decorations for the door are another housewarming gift you could give. A plaque saying “Bless This House” or a cheery wreath in colors that match the house are gifts that will last for years. If giving seasonal wreaths, include a wreath box for storage.

Personalized Housewarming Gifts

Give personalized housewarming gifts. Wine glasses that have been engraved with the move-in date will mark the occasion in a way the recipients will always remember. Add a membership to a wine of the month club for an extravagant gift that will be appreciated.

Scented candles give a soothing light and scent to any decor. Candles are excellent housewarming gifts because they can be used in any room of the house. Choose a neutral shade so the candles will match the decor and look for a lighter scent that won’t overpower.

A crystal decanter or bowl is another one of the most popular housewarming gift ideas. Crystal matches any decor, so the piece won’t look out-of-place. A crystal bowl can be used as a centerpiece or as a fruit bowl. It can also be placed on a shelf as a piece of artwork. A crystal bowl is one of the most versatile gifts that can be given. Crystal bowls engraved with the initials of the recipient are personalized housewarming gifts that will be handed down from generation to generation.

Housewarming Gift Baskets

You may also choose a “themed” housewarming gift basket. A gift basket of tools with hammers, nails, picture hangers, and wrenches make a nicehousewarming gift for men. Another housewarming gift for men could be a gift basket filled with a caulking gun, paint, and other do-it-yourself supplies.

Women will also appreciate a themed housewarming gift basket. A gift basket filled with flower seeds, a trowel, and soil makes a great housewarming gift for women who like gardening. A gift certificate to a store that will allow her to choose decorations for her home is also a nicehousewarming gift for women who like to decorate.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Purchasing a large canvas re-usable shopping bag and filling it with household essentials is an extremely useful housewarming gift idea. Include toilet paper, paper towels, dishcloths, laundry detergent, fabric softener, aluminum foil, and household cleaners. This gift will come in handy during the moving process and after the move-in is complete.

Throw blankets, Snuggies, and baskets to hold reading materials are other useful gift ideas.

Don’t forget the children, if there are any. Night-lights, light-switch covers, and padded clothes hangers make wonderful gifts for a child’s room. You can find Disney themed night-lights and light-switch covers at the Disney Store.

Moving into a new home can be stressful. Many first-time home buyers end up eating out as they attempt to unpack and get organized. Give the gift of gourmet meals that can be enjoyed in the new home. DineWise and Home Bistro both offer a wide selection of food that is delivered to the home and can be easily heated.

Housewarming Gifts Not to Give

Never, ever, give the gift of a live animal or pet as a gift. This goes for any gift-giving occasion. The recipient may not have the time, energy, or funds to take care of a pet.

Unless you know the family’s taste in art, stay away from framed art and sculptures for the home. If you want to help decorate the walls, give a gift certificate to a local art gallery or any other art store and let the recipient choose his or her own art.

Don’t re-gift an item from your own home. You’re going to get caught if you attempt this one. Many of the ideas listed here are inexpensive and only take a little of your time. Save the re-gifting and present a new item for the new home.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Men and Women

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Choosing the right holiday gift for someone is not easy. Hopefully, this holiday gift guide will give you plenty of ideas and holiday gift suggestions. Whether you are searching for unique holiday gifts, corporate holiday gifts, holiday gifts for men, or holiday gifts for women, we have some of the best holiday gift ideas available.

Typically, the holidays refer to Christmas and Hanukah, but these holiday gift ideas are good for any holiday of the year.

Holiday Gifts for Men

Believe it or not, men are easy to buy for. However, if you are having trouble picking out the best holiday gift for him, here are a few suggestions:

• Combination mp3 player and flash drive- A USB flash drive that functions as a mp3 player is a great holiday gift idea. Perfect for a college student, co-worker, or businessman, a combination mp3 player and flash drive allows for the storage of files and music.

• The latest video game- This gift is perfect for any male gamer. Every year, around the holidays, video game creators release a sought-after game. Not sure what game to get? Ask any male in the electronics department of a store. They will know for sure.

• Portable DVD player- Sure smart phones and mp3 players can play video, but they generally have an extremely short battery life and a tiny screen. If you need to buy a gift for a male who frequently travels, consider this holiday gift idea.

• Shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey- Treat a favored male friend to a set of high-quality shot glasses and a bottle of good-grade whiskey or scotch. This is a gift he can show off to the “guys” or use in his mancave. Hey, if he doesn’t have a mancave, he can at least dream about one while sipping on his liquor.

Holiday Gifts for Women

It is a truth that women love chocolate. But not just any chocolate will do as a holiday gift for her. Look for an expensive chocolate to gift her. Even if she is a strict dieter, no woman will turn down high-quality chocolate. If chocolate doesn’t strike your fancy, consider these holiday gifts:

• Designer Desktop Calendar- Whether you choose Kate Spade, Michael Kors, or Ralph Lauren, any businesswoman will love having a splash of elegance added to her work-desk.

• Subscription to a magazine- Consider a subscription to one of the higher-brow magazines for the fashionista in your life. Vogue or Vanity Fair are sure to appeal to any woman who loves high-fashion.

• Chanel No. 5 Perfume- Even if she’s not a perfume wearer, any woman will appreciate the timeless scent of Chanel No. 5.

• Bottle of champagne- Let her know you think being with her is a celebration. A good-quality champagne is sure to be a hit. Throw in some elegant champagne glasses to accompany the bottle of bubbly.

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Corporate holiday gifts can always be a hassle. You want to present your clients, boss, or co-workers with an elegant gift, but you have no idea what is appropriate. For corporate gifts, holiday gift baskets seem to always work well. Look for ones that have imported, exotic ingredients in them.

Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

Choose some with imported teas, coffees, and cakes. Or look for holiday gift baskets that contain gourmet ingredients like smoked salmon, paired with an imported cheese and wine. For a personal touch, if you know the recipient, consider buying a sweet-grass basket and filling it yourself with goodies and delicacies that you know the recipient will enjoy.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Search out unique holiday gifts such as unique picture frames shaped like family members, dogs, or cats. A handmade serving platter that has been painted by hand is also a good choice. If purchasing for Hanukah, look for frames that feature dreidels or that come in blue and white or blue and silver.

Other unique holiday gifts include adopting a dolphin in the recipient’s name or planting a tree. One of the more unique gifts is the “purchasing” and gifting of a star. For a small fee, the one giving the gift is sent a package to give the recipient. In this package is a map of the star along with the coordinates and a description.

Did you know that Santa Claus was based on the Dutch Sinter Klaas? Sinter Klaas was based on St. Nicholas, a former bishop of Rome. The Dutch “brought” Sinter Klaas with them when they settled in America. In 1823, Clement Clarke Moore wrote the famous poem ”

A Visit from Saint Nicholas,” more commonly known as “The Night Before Christmas.” The poem created the Americanization of the name from “Sinter Klaas” to Santa Claus.

Of course, Santa Claus is a much nicer fellow than Sinter Klaas. According to Dutch legend, Sinter Klaas brings gifts to the good boys and girls, but he places the bad boys and girls in a sack and takes them off to Spain to work for him.

A trip to Spain would certainly qualify as one of the more unique gifts, as long as it was for pleasure. Here are some of my other favorite holiday gifts:

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Healthy Gift Ideas

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Giving Gifts of Health

The best gift you can give a friend or loved one is the gift of health. How else to better let the people you love know you care about them? By telling loved ones, whether they are friends or family, “I want you to be healthy so I have more time to spend with you,” you are letting them know they are loved. Gifts of health can convey your feelings to them.

Choosing which healthy gifts to give can feel like walking a tightrope. You want the recipient to enjoy the gift; you don’t want the recipient to feel as if he or she is being criticized.

Therefore, I must note to spouses, girlfriends, and boyfriends, do not ever give weight-loss gifts as a Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other major holiday gift, unless the recipient has specifically requested the item.

While it may not seem to be so at first thought, there are many healthy gift ideas that will delight the recipient.

Healthy Meals Delivered

DineWise is a gourmet food delivery company that not only delivers meals prepared by top-trained chefs, but also delivers healthy meals that are nutritious and delicious. DineWise offers a wide variety of healthy meal choices, ranging from meals prepared with diabetics in mind to meals that can be prepared for those on a low-sodium diet, those on a calorie-restricted diet, and meals that are prepared to meet the special nutritional needs of seniors.

By giving the gift of DineWise, you are not only gifting the recipient with healthy food, you are also giving the recipient the gift of time. DineWise meals are delivered right to the door of the recipient and take no longer than 15 minutes to heat. DineWise meals are faster and healthier than going through a drive-thru. In addition, the recipient has the opportunity to feel loved and pampered as he or she sits down to gourmet meal that was specially prepared with the recipient in mind.

Healthy Gift Basket Ideas

Healthy gift baskets are also gifts that convey love and caring. A gift basket filled with varieties of teas will delight any recipient. Teas not only contain powerful antioxidants that fight to protect the free radicals that destroy the body on a cellular level, teas also taste delicious and have been proven to fight stress. The simple act of wrapping your hands around a steaming mug of fragrant tea can cause you to give a sigh of relief as tension slips slowly away from the body. Add a sweetener such as raw honey and fresh lemons to the tea gift basket and give the gift of health and serenity.

Gift baskets containing special seasonings and herbs are another healthy choice. Look for pepper and herb-based seasonings as well as fresh herbs like marjoram, rosemary, and thyme. By introducing seasonings other than salt to your loved one, you can help fight fluid retention, bloating, and high blood pressure.

Seasonal fruit baskets are not only delicious, they also encourage the recipient to get more fruit and fiber into his or her diet. Fresh fruit contains more fiber than a glass of juice and also contains antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. Citrus fruits are great for vitamin C, but don’t underestimate the amount of fiber to be found in an apple or pear or the amount of vitamin C and potassium found in fruits such as bananas or kiwi fruit.

Healthy Gift Certificates

Gift certificates to athletic clubs and fitness centers are among the vast array of healthy gift choices, but you must walk a fine line here. Choose a fitness club or athletic club that is known for either offering a class or activity you know your loved one enjoys or one that offers spa amenities in addition to fitness classes. Who knows? After seeing the number of activities offered, your recipient may want to continue the membership. Of course, if you have heard your loved one state they would like to try a certain club, then by all means, give the gift certificate with gusto.

Healthy gift ideas don’t have to be expensive, they just need to focus on some area of your loved one’s health. A personalized water bottle is certainly not expensive, but by gifting one, you may very well be encouraging your loved one to cut back on drinking sugary sodas and instead consume the water needed to maintain a healthy body.

Healthy can also be delicious. Chocolate is an often overlooked healthy choice. As long as you choose chocolate with at least 70% cocoa, then chocolate ranks high on the heart-healthy list. It is proven that dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and provide the body with an extra tasty dose of antioxidants. Choose dark chocolate that contains healthy add-ins such as almonds and cranberries and give an extra boost of health to the chocolate lover in your life.