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Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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Saint Valentine’s Day

The patron saint of Valentine’s day was a man known as Saint Valentine. Believed to have lived during the third century in Rome, the man known as Valentine was thought to be a priest who performed marriages in secret when the Emperor of Rome, Claudius II, came to the conclusion that single men made better soldiers than married men. In order to keep his army operating at peak capacity, Claudius II outlawed the institution of marriage.

When Valentine was caught performing marriages, he was arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced to death. Legend has it that St. Valentine may have sent the first written Valentine. It is told that while imprisoned and awaiting execution, Valentine fell in love with the daughter of one of his jailers.

She began to visit him on the sly and shortly before being put to death, he wrote her a letter, which he signed ” From your Valentine.” This expression is still used today. Although the history behind St. Valentine is hazy, he was and still is thought of as a romantic, dashing figure.

By the Middle Ages, St. Valentine was one of the most beloved saints in both France and England.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February for a variety of reasons. Some believe that the date was picked by the Christian community as they attempted to convert pagans. The pagans had a festival that was performed roughly around the same time period, known as the festival of “Lupercalia.” This was a fertility festival celebrated as the arrival of Spring began.

Some history experts claim that the date was picked because February 14th was the beginning of the mating season for birds in England and France. This idea served to reinforce the thinking that Valentine’s Day should be a day of romance and gift giving.

Valentines Day Gifts

Because of the emphasis placed on this most romantic of holidays, your Valentines Day gift to your spouse, lover, or sweetheart should be something very special. Your gift should show your loved one that you care and that you are aware of his or her interests, likes, and personality.

Often, coming up with the perfect Valentines Day gift idea can be frustrating and difficult. You want to do something special for your loved one, but you have trouble picking out the perfect gift and are then relegated to the traditional flowers and candy. These ideas are nice, but a Valentines Day gift should be special and intimate. Hopefully, a few of myValentines Day gift suggestions will come in handy for you.

Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Women who are searching for the perfect Valentines Day gift for him, the special man in your life, whether it is a husband or boyfriend, should stop and think about what he enjoys doing. Your Valentines Day gift ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Is your man a huge sports fan? Does he enjoy football? How about a tailgate package that includes a few choice steaks, a small grill, and grilling tools? For the NASCAR fan, many NASCAR tracks offer private lessons given by race instructors. After the lessons, participants are given the opportunity to drive around the track in a certified NASCAR automobile.

For some romantic gift ideas, sets of frog cufflinks are nice. Tell your love that you kissed many frogs before finding your prince and give him the cufflinks as a keepsake. Tickets to his favorite sporting event, movie tickets, and gift certificates to his favorite restaurant or hang-out are also great gift ideas.

The sky is literally the limit if you gift him with a hot-air balloon ride. Be sure and purchase tickets for two so that you can enjoy this romantic ride with your loved one. Personalized gifts are also a great idea. Whether you decide on personalized sexy boxers and a robe, a personalized mug with some of his favorite coffee included, or even candies that are inscribed with his name, he is sure to be pleased.

Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Men who are searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her, need to also stop and think about what pleases their wife or girlfriend. It must be noted that women put a great deal of personal value into their gifts, so men, you have to show her that you care. More importantly, you have to show you made a substancial effort for the one you love.

There are several Valentines Day gift ideas that will fit every budget. Spa packages are hot right now. You can choose between a relaxing day at the Spa for her or you can choose a Spa Day for two and relax and rejuvenate with your loved one. Your participation may make the gift even more special to her. Jewelry, dinner cruises, and lingerie are all very romantic gift ideas.

By taking your partner’s likes and dislikes into consideration, you should be able to come up with any number of ideas that ensure that you give your loved one the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

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Unique Gift Ideas

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Unique Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Everyone wants to purchase a friend or loved one a unique gift. Something that no one else has thought of and that will be special to the recipient. Finding gift ideas unique in nature is not always easy.

Rarely is the “hottest” gift unique. It is simply the “must-have” gift at the time. A truly “different” gift is one that holds a special memory or meaning to both the gift giver and the recipient of the gift.

Finding unique gifts used to be much harder than it is today. With the Internet at your fingertips, just about any unique present can be found. Without ever leaving your home, you can explore the world and find just the right unique item.

Unique Gift Ideas for Men

One of my favorite unique gift ideas is purchasing a gift from an exotic department store. Aspinal of London has many unique gifts for men. Not only does Aspinal carry men’s clothing that is hand-tailored in London, they also carry unique items guaranteed to “fit” any type of man. For the golfer, they have cunning leather tee wallets.

These hand-crafted wallets are made of the finest leather and are able to hold up to four hand-carved tees. For the hunter, they carry leather gun license wallets. Imagine how proud your male friends will be to carry their hunting license in this hand-sewn imported leather wallet.

Got a male friend that feels the “need for speed?” You may not be able to get him a Grand Prix race car, but Aspinal carries the hand-stitched leather driving gloves that are duplicates of the ones used in the Grand Prix auto races.

Unique Gift Ideas for Women

Fossil carries unique gifts for women and for men. They pride themselves on quality and I have found some wonderful gifts on this site. Fossil specializes in elegant timepieces that can be hand-crafted to your specifications. With everything from rose crystal watches, to watches that can handle the deep-sea pressure of scuba diving, Fossil has a watch for everyone. Besides watches, they carry leather tablet sleeves to fit both laptops and iPads and leather and canvas messenger bags.

Other unique presents you can find on the Internet include LED sprinkler systems. Now your recipient can enjoy a light show as he or she waters the lawn. Kohl’s often carries these and other unique presents.

They specialize in unique gift ideas like battery operated blenders. You can enjoy ice-cold margaritas while tailgating with these. Other ideas include private gumball machines and martini sets. Purchase a martini set from Kohl’s, add an assortment of your recipient’s favorite whiskeys or liquors and you have a personal mini-bar.

Unique Personal Gifts

You may want to consider purchasing unique personal gifts for your friend or loved one. Often, these gifts won’t mean a thing to anyone besides the two of you and they don’t always have to cost a lot of money. Perhaps a family member or friend had a favorite book while growing up. Consider checking out Barnes and Nobles new classic and signed collection.

You can choose from a vast array of books that have been signed by the author. While many are very expensive, there are also choices for the budget-conscious. In addition, Barnes and Noble has also opened an online division that allows buyers to purchase first edition books and out-of-print books. Imagine surprising the book lover in your life with one of these.

Unique Gift Baskets

Another unique gift idea is arranging your own unique gift basket. There are many sites on the Internet that will arrange and ship unique gift baskets. You can choose from fruit baskets with unique candies and exotic fruits or specialty coffee companies.

Boca Java allows the buyer to create their own unique blend of coffee and allows the buyer to design the coffee labels and the basket. Other unique gift baskets include tailgate baskets for the football fan and grill baskets for the outdoorsman. Be sure to check out my webpage on gift baskets for hundreds of ideas.

Jewelry that has been hand-crafted by a local artisan is another unique gift idea. Many jewelry sites on the Internet feature one-of-a-kind jewelry. Women will love the idea of having a piece of jewelry no other woman owns.

Whether you are looking for expensive jewelry pieces containing hand-cut diamonds and other precious stones or are looking for semi-precious stones set in silver, you are sure to find a wide variety of one-of-a-kind gifts.

Think about the interests of the recipient when selecting the gift you wish to give. If he is a lover of stars “adopt” a star and name it for him. If she is a lover of animals, donate in her name to the World Wildlife Fund. Regardless of your choices, remember there are items on each website to suit any type of budget. Unique does not have to equal expensive.

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The Perfect Thanksgiving Gift

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The scent of fall is in the air and that can only mean one thing. Thanksgiving is approaching. Soon, people will be feasting on turkey and ham and visiting friends and relatives. You certainly don’t want to turn up on the doorstep of a close friend or relative empty-handed.

A Thanksgiving gift tells your host and hostess that you are thankful to be included in the holiday plans and that you treasure and value the relationship. With so many Thanksgiving gift ideas to choose from, you will find that choosing a gift is as easy as pumpkin pie!

Thanksgiving Prepared Meals

Personally, when it comes to Thanksgiving, I think of food before I think of Pilgrims. The same notion holds true when I think of buying Thanksgiving gifts for someone professionally or personally.

Most often, I am sending Prepared Thanksgiving Dinners to members of my family that I might not be spending the holiday with.

However, I have also sent Thanksgiving Dinners on behalf of companies for their employees, especially if there is new baby in the house, or someone has been out sick for a while. It’s a great of reminding employees that they are family too.

Thanksgiving Meals Delivered

Whenever I send Thanksgiving Food Gifts, I use a national meal delivery service called DineWise. DineWise is the best in the business, and they offer you the ability to send one complete meal, or a package of meals. You are also invited to pick your Thanksgiving Menu a la carte, meaning you can customize your favorites and make your own menu. I have always found the quality of their food to be as impressive as their selections which include:

• Sliced Turkey
• Apple Pecan Stuffing
• 3 types of Mashed Potatoes
• Turkey Gravy
• Butternut Squash
• Peas and Caramelized Onions
• String Beans
• Apple and Pumpkin Pies to Die for
• And much more

Choosing DineWise as one of your gifts for Thanksgiving means your host, hostess, friend, relative or spouse doesn’t have to spend long hours in the kitchen preparing everyone’s favorite foods. DineWise does that and enables them to spend the time with their loved ones.

Holiday meal plans from DineWise can feed as little as two people, for those wanting a small, intimate Thanksgiving or they can feed as many as needed. Know a family that doesn’t care for turkey or ham? No problem if you shop at DineWise.

They also offer pork crown roasts as well as juicy, delicious beef roasts. At DineWise, there is something for everyone. That’s the wonderful thing about a DineWise Thanksgiving meal gift; it can be customized to any type of order.

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Sympathy Gift Ideas

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When a friend or family member suffers the devastating loss of a loved one, one way to express condolences is by sending or giving a sympathy gift. A sympathy gift is a tangible token that can be held or used by the one experiencing grief. A sympathy gift assures the recipient that they are not alone and that others care for them. Often, it can be difficult to decide on the correct bereavement gift ideas. Your gift choice will often depend on how close your relationship is with the person experiencing the loss. Included here are a few gift ideas that vary according to your relationship with the other person.

For family members purchasing gifts for other family members, the gift should be personal. A few sympathy gift ideas for close family members could include items such as:

Sympathy Gift Baskets

A sympathy gift basket for a close family member or friend going through the pain of the loss of a loved one can be homemade or store bought. Many places offer food and fruit baskets for the bereaved. These may include an assortment of gourmet foods and wines.

Although not technically a basket, chef prepared meals are also a good choice. In fact, DineWise is one of the most popular bereavement choices on this page.

This gift idea offers one less thing for the family member to worry about. It has also been my experience that people may not eat well during times of sympathy.

A homemade gift basket with comforting soups and warm blankets is another nice choice. Food reaches the heart like no other gift, and having gourmet chefprepared meals on hand makes it easy to feed visiting relatives.

Angel Statues and Catholic Gift Ideas

An angel statue inscribed with either a Bible verse or an inspirational verse is also a tasteful condolence gift. The angel and the verse can stand as a reminder to the person going though the loss that hope is always available. Catholic grief and condolence gifts might help make a tough occasion a little more tolerable and help the family members grieving through religious means. A rosary, a prayer card, or a holy medal are all appropriate condolence gifts for Catholics. Nearly all Catholic supply shops provide a variety of condolence-specific products for all of these situations.

Jerusalem Stone is a unique company that importsauthentic stone from Jerusalem. It is the same stone that has been, and continues to be, revered by all faiths and denominations that trace their religious roots back to the Holy Land for centuries.

The company creates amazing products from this stone including angels, crosses, crucifixes, jewelry, and prayer stones, which is my favorite choice. Any stone can be personalized with a unique message, including a passage from your bible.

Hand made gifts from the Holy Land may be a great sympathy gift idea for any religious person. They have a tremendous selection.

In Loving Memory Gifts

Memory gifts such as wind chimes or inscribed picture frames can be presented. A picture frame can be inscribed and a picture of the loved one inserted. A wind chime can be presented with a note and used as a reminder of happier times the two shared. Memory gifts are not limited to wind chime and picture frames. An inscribed plaque, a woven throw, or an engraved message band are all gifts that offer hope and memories.

Those who are purchasing gifts for friends or neighbors may choose among thesebereavement gift ideas:

Remembrance Teddy Bears

Children and adults alike will find comfort in a warm bear that they can snuggle and cry into.

A Display Case for Flags

Flag display cases are a wonderful gift choice if the person lost was either currently serving in the Armed Forces or if he or she was a veteran. Family members are given the burial flag provided by the government after the service and a nice display case offers them the means to showcase the flag.


A donation made to the charity the lost one supported or to a charity that supports a cause near to the lost one is a nice memorial. Your friend or neighbor can find comfort knowing that their loved one has been remembered in this manner. In several cases, families could state they do not want people to spend money on flower arrangements, or any other kinds of bereavement gifts.

Some people believe that the money you would spend is much better invested through the charitable organization. Family members which prefer this type of thought will usually make their request public, and you should also make your contributions in the name of the individual who has passed on.

Those who need to purchase gifts for distant relatives or co-workers may have a difficult time deciding upon a gift. Perhaps you don’t know the bereaved well enough to know their likes and dislikes. Here are some tasteful condolence gift ideas:

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree in the name of the lost one is a way for their memory to be kept alive. This grieving gift can shine over your remembrances, pictures, and keepsakes which have been set aside to respect the memory of the deceased. A living memorial tree represents strength and endurance simply because these types of memorial gifts possess the possibility to last centuries. Anyone may choose from sorts of numerous memorial tree gifts along with an accompanying personalized gift card or engraved tree tag.


There are many inspirational books available that touch on grief, loss, and hope. These can often offer comfort. Another book idea is a nicely bound, blank journal for the bereaved to use to write their thoughts and feelings.

Card and Flowers

A touching card with a hand-written message and a bouquet of flowers lets your co-worker or distant relative know they are in your thoughts.

The general accepted etiquette for sympathy gifts is to remember that the closer the relationship, the more personal the gift. Choosing a condolence gift is never fun. However, it is a comfort for the bereaved to know that they are being remembered. Grief can often feel isolating. A sympathy gift is a way of letting them know they are not alone with their grief and that others care.

Bakery and Cookie Gifts

If I know that there will be kids around, I always send some delicious cookies. Don’t underestimate how many of the older “kids” will gobble these down too.Mrs. Fields is a lovely shop for everything from gourmet cookies and cakes to brownies, and much, much more. If you want to cater tastes of all ages, you may wish to consider this option.

I have always found herb tea and coffee gift baskets are unexpected and welcomes condolence gift suggestions. Tea is known for calming the soul.

Don’t Forget To Send Your Personal Card

In addition to your gift, be sure to give a private card conveying your own sincere emotions. Write your condolences directly from the heart, and the beneficiary is certain to to recognize your gesture. Be authentic and let them know that you are there for them, if they need you for any kind of assistance or help.

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Sport Gifts Ideas

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Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

Sports fans can be some of the easiest people to gift. If you know what teams and sports they like, you can’t go wrong. However, if you are unsure who they “pull” for, then just buy a generic gift, such as a gift certificate.

There is nothing worse than buying a gift with the wrong team or wrong sport on it for a die-hard fan. One of the more typical gift ideas for sport fans includes anything with their favorite team or athlete’s logo on it. This sports gift opens an entire world. With the licensing agreements that have been made, there are thousands of logo gifts to choose from.

Sports Clothing

Your sports fan can do everything from drinking from his favorite team or athlete’s water bottle to wrapping himself up in a beach towel. Clothing with the logo on it is another idea. There is no sports fan out there who would not appreciate another t-shirt, jacket, or sweatshirt to add to his or her collection.

Many shoe companies, such as Converse and Nike allow you to special design and order shoes. You can get your sports fan a pair of customized, unique shoes that either support his or her favorite team, favorite sport, or favorite athlete.

Tickets to Sporting Events

If you are looking for sports gifts ideas that do not include clothing or items with the logo on it, then there are plenty of other gifts that can be given. If you have the funds, tickets are wonderful gifts. Whether your sports fanatic is a golf fan, NASCAR fan, baseball, basketball, or football fan, tickets are the way to go.

There is not a golf fan alive that would not love tickets to the Masters. Likewise, NASCAR fans will love tickets to one of the many races. In the early part of the season, tickets to baseball, football, and basketball games can be affordable.

Sports Equipment Gifts

If your sports fan is a fan of golf, there are many unique golf gifts for men. These gifts not only include traditional gifts such as tickets to a game, but also include golfing gifts you can give that will enable him to take up the game of golf. Present him with green fees, clubs, and a bucket of balls. If he is already an avid golfer, personalized golf tees and balls are a gift that will be appreciated.

Other sports fan gifts can include items such as a football, baseball, or basketball signed by his or her favorite team. One of the best gifts I ever got my mother was a tire from her favorite NASCAR driver’s auto.

If your sports fan enjoys sitting and watching the game from home, consider remote controls for the television in the shape of his or her favorite sport. Chip and dip plates that are shaped like golf clubs, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and automobiles are another choice.

Tailgating Gift Ideas

If your sports fan is the type that holds parties on sporting days or is the type that goes to the games and tailgates, consider food. Steaks that are ordered and delivered fresh are going to please the tailgater. Perhaps a gift basket that has been designed with the tailgater in mind should be considered.

If your sports fan is a reader, consider a gift to any of the sporting magazines that are on the market. Many athletes, coaches, and teams have also written books or had books written about them. Coffee table books or pictorial books are another sports gift idea.

Sports Jewelry

Another popular genre of sports gifts is jewelry. Sports jewelry ideas range from replicas of championship rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, even belt buckles.

Of course, if you are still stumped, gift certificates to popular sporting good stores are always appreciated. There, your sports fan can either purchase his or her own sporting equipment or he or she can purchase sports memorabilia. The majority of sporting goods stores carry both.

The wonderful thing about purchasing gifts for sports fans is that there are so many gifts to choose from. Gifts that range from the traditional such as jersey’s or tees to gifts that are unique to say the least, such as body paint for faces and chests or hats with fake hair in the team colors.

If you still can’t think of a thing to give, consider the gift of a CD with “pumped-up” music to get the fan psyched for the big day, or an inspirational DVD based on sports, such as “Facing the Giants,” “Rudy,” or “Remember the Titans.”

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Romantic Gifts

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When a special Anniversary is approaching, a Birthday, or Valentine’s Day, women and men alike begin searching for romantic gift ideas. Although statistics have shown more women than men search for ideas for romantic gifts, men more often need help in picking out the perfect romantic gifts.

The typical romantic gifts for women include flowers and candy, while women often fall back on power tools. Power tools, while handy gifts, can certainly never be thought of as romantic gifts for men. Here hopes this guide helps you the next time you need an idea for a romantic gift.

Romantic Gifts for Him

Coming up with romantic ideas for him can often be difficult. Candlelight dinners and flowers may appeal to him, and he may enjoy them, but he probably is not going to get excited over these choices. It is a fact that men do generally love food, so instead of the traditional box of chocolates, why not look for his favorite candy that he enjoyed as a child.

Hard to find candy choices can generally be searched out on the Internet, and what better way to say “I Love You” than by showing him you really listened when he raved about the candy he loved as a child? Other food choices can include professional chef prepared meals such as those delivered by DineWise, or choices such as cookie or fruit bouquets.

Other romantic gifts for him include tickets to an event he may want to attend, but may be too embarrassed to attend. If he is a big fan of gaming, tickets to BlizzCon are a choice. Does he like comic books or “Star Trek?” Consider investing in tickets to the next ComicCon or “Star Trek” convention. Make the gift even better by buying tickets for two and going with him.

Offer to indulge in one of his fantasies and order some lingerie, candles, and promise him anything he desires, within reason and your comfort zone, and close the doors, turn off the phones, computers, and refuse to answer the door. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of doing this at home, rent an elegant hotel room and move his private party there. Often, when faced with unfamiliar surroundings, we are more liable to release our inhibitions.

Is he complaining of the cold in the winter or the heat in the summer? Contact his boss, privately, and arrange for him to take a day off early on a Friday. Arrive to pick him up at work and whisk him off to either a tropical beach location or a cool mountain hide-away.

Pack his favorite clothes and have the car ready to go. If you know there is a particular place he has wanted to visit, arrange the trip to that location. Let him pick the activities and places to dine and agree not to complain about any of his choices.

Romantic Gifts for Her

Choosing romantic gifts for her is usually not as hard as men often think. Women love indulgent gifts such as nice jewelry, fine chocolates, and flowers. Granted, these are the traditional romantic gifts for women, but tradition can be nice. All women love jewelry and most love candy and flowers as well. Women especially enjoy having flowers delivered to them at work.

While cards are nice, surprise her with a hand-written card. You can print off a special picture of the two of you on the computer on card-stock. Then fold it over and write a simple letter letting her know your true feelings. Don’t be afraid to be romantic when you write. It will be a card that she will treasure more than any off-the-rack card you could ever find.

Consider writing her a letter and placing it in a glass bottle. Present her with her very own “Message in a Bottle.” Be sure you make two copies of the letter, one for the bottle and one for her to read.

Show her you realize all that she does around the home. Give her the gift of time and relaxation. Hire a maid service for the day to do the cleaning and send her off to the spa, or order a gourmet meal for her from DineWise and let her relax while you set the table and light the candles. Offer to watch the children for her so she can have a “girls night.” Better yet, hire a sitter and take her to something that she enjoys, but doesn’t often get to indulge in.

Perhaps tickets to a musical or a romantic-comedy. Accompany her to the theater or movies and promise that you won’t make fun of the show. Buy her popcorn and soda or a glass of wine if offered.

Does she love flowers or dogs? Take her to the local botanical gardens to see the flowers. Pack an elegant picnic lunch, or have one catered. If she is fond of Fido, find a local dog show and take her to see the dog show. You may even consider taking her to the local animal shelter and adopting a pet.

A gift for both of you would be a long, indulgent bubble bath, complete with romantic music, chilled champagne, and candlelight. Add his-and-her massages after the bath and who knows where the evening might lead? Indulge in some top-of-the-line massage oils and bubble bath. Soft, comfy robes will complete the spa effect.

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Retirement Gift Ideas

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Retirement should be one of the happiest times in a person’s life. After all, the retiree has “done his time” and put in a lifetime of work. It should be cause for celebration that the person now has time to live his or her life in a way that he wants. Choosing the proper gift to mark this milestone can cause our anxiety level to rise. After all, we want to honor our retiree.

The perfect gift can depend upon whether the retiree is a boss or co-worker or a friend or loved one. When selecting a retirement gift for a boss or co-worker, look for retirement gift ideas that recognize the retiree’s importance and value to your place of business.

If selecting a retirement gift for a friend or loved one, try to think of retirement gift ideas that will enhance your retiree’s quality of life as the retiree moves into this new life-phase.

Traditional Retirement Gift Ideas

A traditional retirement gift idea for a boss or co-worker is a gold watch. This gift symbolizes the fact that time is now available for the retiree to spend as he or she wishes. It is also one of the top choices amongengraved retirement gifts. Having the watch engraved with the years of service is a classy touch.

Another retirement gift idea is having all co-workers and colleagues submit their favorite pictures of the boss or co-worker. Then have them write a personal note to the retiree. The pictures can either be arranged into a collage and placed in a frame or placed into a scrapbook along with the notes.

Personalized Retirement Gift Ideas

This is one of my favorite of all the personalized gift ideas. Other ideas forpersonalized retirement gifts include having a plaque or crystal bowl engraved for the retiree.

If the retiree is a friend or family member, you have many ideas forretirement gifts to choose from. After all, who knows the retiree and his or her plans better than you? Is the retiree planning on taking a trip? A set of matched luggage is a great idea.

How about getting the entire family to chip in for a cruise or other type of vacation? A cruise or vacation of some other sort is not only a wonderful gift, it also allows the retiree and spouse, if applicable, to have time to make the transition from the working world to a “life of leisure.”

Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Men have a harder time with retirement than women. They feel unsure about how to spend their extra time. Do you know his hobbies or anything he has expressed interest in? If he is an avid golfer, a new set of clubs or golfing bag make nice retirement gifts for men.

If he likes to travel, consider a travel gift basket. Include a shaving kit and an engraved, leather passport holder. Throw in a couple of tourist guides and your gift basket is complete. Potted plants that he can replant into a garden are another gift idea. Let him get his hands dirty and explore a new hobby. Other ideas include reading materials, puzzles, and games.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Retirement gifts for women take as much thought, but are easier to choose. Let her fully retire for a month. Give her the gift of DineWise chefprepared meals and allow her to take a small retirement from cooking. Women also love gardening, so give her a retirement gift basket loaded with gardening supplies.

Does she have another hobby such as sewing or quilting? Have a gift basket designed for her that includes quilting and sewing supplies.

Perhaps there is something she has always wanted to do or a hobby she has always wanted to explore, such as painting or gourmet cooking. Look around at local craft shops and cooking stores. Often, these types of stores hold special classes that can be taken.

Enroll both men and women in extension learning classes at a local community college. They can learn things such as another language, basic computer skills, or even take a course in a subject in which they are interested.

Know a history buff or someone who loves to write? They may be interested in expanding their knowledge. Taking college courses and learning new skills are unique retirement gifts that will enable the retiree to keep active and busy.

Don’t discount funny retirement gifts. T-shirts with “gag” sayings touting retired life are popular. Other funny retirement gifts include mugs with funny sayings, vitamins for retired people, clocks with no hands, and retirement license plates.

Sometimes people who have retired have no idea of what to do with themselves. Help ease the transition into retirement by interesting them in a hobby or activity. Give them a gym membership or suggest ideas for volunteering. Let them know they are still useful, functioning members of society.

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My Top 20 Personalized Gift Ideas

Category : Gifts

Nothing speaks to the heart like a gift that has been personalized for the recipient. A personalized gift often becomes a treasured keepsake that the recipient not only keeps, but hands down though the years. I have quite a few personalized gift ideas for you to give. I have broken these up into four categories to help you choose just the right personalized gift.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Children

1. Personalized Quilts- Things Remembered has a large selection of personalized quilts for babies and for children. What child won’t enjoy cuddling up with a snuggly, warm quilt? There are a wide variety of quilt patterns to choose from and each quilt is personalized with the child’s name.

2. Personalized Stuffed Animals- This is one of the top-selling gift ideas for kids. Made of the softest plush, Things Remembered is proud to offer a child’s first teddy bear. These friendly bears are available in pastel colors and can be embroidered with the child’s name and date-of-birth.

3. Personalized Books- GiftShop Atrium carries a large selection of personalized books. These personalized gifts are books that insert the child’s name into the story. Include a photo of your child and your child’s face is inserted into every picture. Imagine how pleased your child will be to see his or her face as the star of the book.

4. Personalized Kids Door Signs- Door signs are a wonderful gift personalized with your child’s name. A Gift Personalized carries over 17 different styles of signs for your child’s bedroom door. Whatever your child’s interests, A Gift Personalized has a sign.

5. Personalized Backpacks- Personalized backpacks are one of the hottest, must-have gifts for kids. Your child will love to receive one of these gifts personalized with his or her name. Add an entire name or just the initials. Personalized backpacks can be purchased in a variety of different colors and styles.

Personalized Gifts for Him

1. Personalized Sports Equipment- The most popular personalized gift idea for him is personalized sports equipment. For the golfer, purchase a set of engraved tees and engraved golf balls. See more sports gift ideas.

2. Personalized Flasks- Personalized flasks are an inexpensive gift idea for him. Men love being able to carry a flask to sporting events and tailgate parties. Make him the envy of his friends when he pulls out a silver flask engraved with his name on it.

3. Personalized Carrying Cases- Does the man in your life have a laptop, iPad, or eReader? Buy him a personalized carrying case for his technology. Choose something in a neutral canvas or high-quality leather for him. Not only will he look professional, but these gift ideas will also protect his electronics. Check out my Gift Ideas on Sale page and save over 30% on these gifts personalized for him.

4. Personalized Coffee Mugs- Get him a coffee mug personalized with his name or with a favorite picture. Choosing a mug with his children’s pictures on it is a wonderful Father’s Day gift idea.

5. Signature Cologne- Instead of buying any bottle of cologne off the shelf, why not have a specialty cologne blended for your man?

Personalized Gift Ideas for Her

1. Personalized Picture Frames- The top personal gift for her is a personalized picture frame. Whether you are buying for a mother, daughter, sister, wife, or sweetheart, an engraved picture frame is one women always appreciate. In addition to having her name and a special date engraved on the frame, be sure to place a picture that will have a special meaning to it in there for her.

2. Personalized Food Baskets- Women love gift baskets. Choose from a coffee basket that has been personalized to her taste, or how about a stress-relieving tea basket? A gift basket of fruit or flowers or chocolate is also a personalized gift she will enjoy.

3. Personalized Jewelry- A personalized jewelry gift is a gift any woman will love. Consider a mother’s ring for the mother in your life or a personalized locket for the women in your life. Women love personal jewelry. See my jewerly gift ideas for more.

4. Personalized Chocolate- Chocolate is not only a wonderful gift idea for her, it is also a healthy gift idea. Dark chocolate that has personalized wrappers with the words, ” I love you” on them are a gift she will appreciate. These make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts as well. Also visit gourmet food gifts.

5. Personalized Wine- Many vineyards offer wine gifts personalized with an engraved label. If you know she likes wine consider a gift of a personalized wine basket or a membership into a wine club. Also visit wine and cheese gifts.

Romantic Personalized Gifts

1. Handwritten Love Letters- Get some elegant stationary and a nice pen and write your feelings for your loved one. A personal, handwritten love letter or surprising with marquee letters is a great Anniversary gift that will be treasured for years to come.

2. Engraved Champagne Glasses- Another personalized gift idea is engraved champagne glasses. Have them engraved with both of your names and either your wedding date or the date you began dating. A great idea for bridal showerstoo! For Valentine’s Day, engrave them with the date and treasure them forever.

3. DineWise Meals- You don’t have to be on this website long to learn I’m a big fan of meal delivery services, and DineWise is the best. Give each other the gift of a chef-prepared gourmet meal. Not having to cook means more time for the two of you to spend together. Relax together while enjoying a personalized meal cooked just for you.

4. Personalized Lingerie- Have matching pajamas embroidered with your initials. Find a color you both like and get some sexy sleep pants for you both.
You can visit my lingerie gift ideas for more.

5. Romance Novels- This is a very romantic personalized gift idea. Book By You offers romance novel with you and your significant other written in as the lead characters. You can even have a picture included on the front cover. Now that’s what I call romance.

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Mother’s Gift

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Every year, children and adults of all ages search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift; a gift that expresses appreciation and gratitude for everything she has done, and continues to do. Choosing the right Mother’s Day gift year after year can be difficult and it’s all too easy to just settle for something you know doesn’t quite capture what you’d like to say through your gift.

What better way to make your mum feel special and to show her how much she means to you than with a bespoke, personalised, unique gift hamper. You can even add your own special touches to your gift hamper; a photo album with thoughtfully chosen pictures of the family can be a lovely addition and doesn’t have to be particularly expensive. It can be tempting to buy practical gifts for mums on Mother’s Day but mums need to be pampered too! Think about a bath & beauty gift hamper, or even chocolate and champagne!

You can include books or music, personalised items and handmade cards; whatever you decide to include in your Mother’s Day gift hamper, you can be sure that your mum will be delighted with the thought and care you’ve put into selecting the items to include.

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Lingerie Gift Ideas

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Lingerie and Pajama Gifts

Buying lingerie for the special woman in your life can be more than difficult. It can often make men feel slightly stupid and uncomfortable.

Because buying a lingerie gift can be an uncomfortable experience for men, skip the mall or specialty brick-and-mortar stores and go with buying lingerie online. This way you can shop from the comfort of your own home and not feel embarrassed or out-of-place. Buying lingerie online is fun and easy.

Most men have confessed that they don’t know the difference between all the types of lingerie that women wear. In fact, one man confessed that, “except for socks, I don’t have the slightest clue as to what women’s clothes are called.”

Therefore, I have included a “mini-dictionary” of women’s lingerie types along with my lingerie gift ideas.

Underwear is a generic term for any type of garment a woman wears under her clothing. This includes slips, camisoles, brassieres, and panties. You may use any of these choices as lingerie gifts.

• 1. Brassieres or bras, run a gamut of sizes. The sizes change from one manufacturer to another and from one style to another. My advice to you is search through her drawers, see the styles she wears on a daily basis, and make note of the manufacturer, the color, the style, and the size. Chances are that while she may have an entire drawer of bras, she has one or two she prefers over all the others.

• 2. Slips are not worn on a daily basis. Slips are generally worn under sheer dresses and skirts. The length of the slip depends on the length of the dress or skirt she wears. Color choices also depend on the color of the skirt or dress. If she mainly wears black skirts and dresses, a black slip is the lingerie gift of choice. Any other color is going to show and look “tacky.” If she wears a wide variety of colors, stick to a neutral or flesh-toned slip. Again, pay attention and see what she wears, then look at the label.

• 3. Panty styles vary from woman to woman. Some women can’t stand to wear thongs, while others wouldn’t be caught dead in women’s briefs. If she prefers brief-style then order her brief-style. I realize you want this to be a romantic lingerie gift idea, so in cases such as these, look for panties that are made from satin or silk or that have lace on them.

Sleepwear Gift Ideas

A popular lingerie gift idea is sleepwear. The only time I advise men not to give a woman lingerie is on her Birthday. Women love to show off the gifts their men got them for their Birthday to their friends and co-workers. All other holidays, especially Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, are perfect times to purchase lingerie gifts.

Sleepwear lingerie gift ideas include sleep shirts, matching pajama sets, and nightgowns. Choose colors that she wears and always choose something compatible with what she already wears. If she is the t-shirt and sleep pants type, choose silky long sleep tops with matching satin pants. If she prefers nightgowns, choose long or short gowns made from a delicate fabric such as chiffon or lace. For colors, try to choose her favorites, not your own.

Bridal Lingerie

If purchasing special bridal lingerie stick with white. Bridal lingerie is not only worn under the wedding dress, it is also worn on the honeymoon. I would advise choosing sleepwear as this type of lingerie gift. Most men have no idea of the type of lingerie that must go under the wedding dress in order for it to fit properly. If you are unsure about her favorite colors, basic black is always a wise choice. Most women love the slimming effect black clothing has. Black can also be incredibly sexy.

Plus Size Lingerie

Having a plus-size lady is no reason to forgo giving lingerie as a gift. There are many specialty sites on the Internet that specialize in plus size lingerie. All women like to feel as if their man thinks they are sexy and plus-sized women are no different. Again, please ensure you know her color and style choices before making a lingerie purchase.

Men, most importantly, find out your woman’s correct size. Buying the wrong size is the biggest mistake men make when buying lingerie.

If you buy her something that does not fit,
she will feel fat. I’m a woman, I know this.

If you don’t want to ask her what size she wears, go through her drawers and laundry and look at the sizes. Look at the sizes in the front of the drawer or of something she has recently worn. The lingerie stuffed in the back of the drawer? It either doesn’t fit or it’s uncomfortable, so please don’t use it as a buying guide.