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Gift Ideas for Her

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Buying gifts for women is often very difficult for men. Women are often no help, because we expect men to read our minds sometimes and know what we want. Admit it women, how many times have you thought to yourself, “If he loved me, he would know what I would like.” I can say this, because I am a woman and I am guilty of this behavior.

So men, if you are attempting to purchase a gift for her and find yourself stumped, here are a few ideas and a little advice. The best piece of advice I can give a man who is looking to purchase gifts for females in his life is to not buy anything that has to do with cleaning the house or cooking unless she specifically asks.

Unless your wife, girlfriend, or mom says “I’d really love a mop, vacuum, toaster as my Birthday, Christmas, Valentine, or Anniversary gift,” do not purchase her one. Oh yes, unless she requests it, a membership to a gym, or work-out equipment is not one of the top gift ideas for her either.

Inexpensive Gifts for Her

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to let your wife, girlfriend, mother, or sister know you love and care for her. Some small “happy” that makes her smile is a wonderful gift for woman.

• Give her a photograph of the two of you together in a nice, personalized or engraved frame.
• Handmade jewelry by a local artisan is a very nice and unique gift idea for women.
• If she enjoys writing, perhaps a leather-bound journal or diary.
• Readers will always enjoy a classic book or a book by a favorite author.

Another popular gift for her, if she is a woman of faith, is a daily devotional book or a beautifully bound Bible. Having it inscribed is also a touching gesture and it will be something she will appreciate for all the years to come.

Moderate Priced Gifts for Her

If you have the budget to spend a bit more on a gift, consider some of these gift ideas for wife and gift ideas for girlfriend:

• What woman wouldn’t love a gift certificate to a spa or to have a manicure? Gift certificates such as these give her some well-deserved “me time.”

• Want to up the ante up and show her how important her friendships are to you? Give her two certificates and tell her to invite a friend for a “girlfriend day.”

• Throw in a gift certificate to a popular restaurant and she has the perfect day to spend with a friend.

• Give her the gift of a gourmet meal. Don’t worry if you can’t cook; help is just an order away. DineWise enables you to order a complete gourmet meal for two in just the click of a mouse. They deliver it right to your home. All you have to do is heat the meal, turn on some romantic music, and light some candles. She will love the idea of a romantic home-cooked meal that she did not have to prepare.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for female, whether it is your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend, look no further than a gift basket that centers around her favorites. Gift baskets are available in wide variety of selections. Whether she is a wine connoisseur, a coffee maven, or a chocoholic, you are sure to find a gift basket that she will enjoy. You could even be brave and create your own gift basket.

High End Gifts for Women

If she is into technology, and trust me, women do like their gadgets, then you should consider purchasing some of the hottest technology trends on the market. Give her a Blu-Ray player, complete with some of her favorite “chick flicks” on Blu-Ray.

Perhaps she is craving apples, as in the Apple iPad or the latest Apple iPod Touch. Be sure to include some gift cards for iTunes and a cute case for either gift.

Other technological gift ideas for her include a new phone, complete with a case, or perhaps one of the new digital readers such as the Nook or Kindle. Add a nice case and gift cards allowing her to purchase eBooks and you will make her happy.

Of course, you can always fall back on the old standards, such as lingerie orjewelry. Almost all women love to receive jewelry. Women usually like lingerie as long as the sizing is correct. Here’s a helpful hint guys: Do not buy the lingerie if you do not know her size. If you are unsure about her size, then agift certificate to a lingerie shop will be appreciated as well.

Whatever you decide, she will like it, if for nothing else than the fact you remembered the occasion and bought a gift to mark the day

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Gift Ideas for a Bridal Shower

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A bridal shower or wedding shower is typically hosted by the maid of honor. The purpose of the bridal or wedding shower is to provide the bride with gifts that she can use when setting up her new home with her husband. Often, people have difficulty selecting a bridal shower gift. Many times, guests at a wedding shower may be distant relatives or friends or family of the groom. They may not know the bride as well as others attending the shower. Here are ten classic wedding shower ideas and ten contemporary bridal shower gift ideas.

The Top Ten Classic Bridal Shower Gifts

• Picture frames
• Kitchen appliances, such as blenders, mixers, toasters, etc.
• Bedding and sheets
• Towels and tablecloths
• Napkins and napkin rings
• Crystal and stemware
• China
• Tea set
• Silverware
• Tasteful lingerie

Any type of gift designed to create a home is a good idea. Stand around your home or kitchen and think, “What is the one thing I just could not live without in my kitchen, bathroom, or living room?” Once you have made that decision, consider gifting something similar. Remember to get a gift receipt and include it with the gift.

Contemporary Bridal Show Gift Ideas

Contemporary gifts are generally a bit more risque than traditional gifts. They imply a sense of whimsy and adventure. If you know of a particular hobby that the couple enjoys, consider giving them a gift that ties in with that hobby.

The Top Ten Contemporary Wedding Shower Gifts

• Membership to a wine club
• Season tickets for two to a sporting event
• Matching his and her robes
• Luggage
• Subscription to the local newspaper
• Massage oil and candles
• Picnic hamper
• Gift certificates to restaurant
• Bottles of wine
• Embellished platters

Gifts for a Wedding

When deciding upon the perfect wedding gift, it is important to remember that wedding gifts should be gifts that both the bride and groom can use together. If you absolutely cannot think of a single thing to get the happy couple, or if you do not know them very well, you can always ask and find out if they are registered at a particular store.

If so, then you can either call the stores where they are registered or you can log in online and pick a gift to give that they have selected for their registry. Usually, the couple will register for gifts that range from inexpensive to very expensive. Keep in mind that a registry is not a list of required gifts, it is merely a wish list that the couple has selected together.

If you prefer other types of gifts, there are other options:


While cash can seem impersonal, it is always appreciated by a new couple just starting out. The majority of couples are saving for some type of big-ticket item. It may be a house or a car, or perhaps they are struggling with student loans. While etiquette states quite clearly that it is rude for a couple to request cash gifts, it is not rude to give cash gifts.

A Timeless Wedding Gift

This should be something that the couple will treasure forever. A handmade quilt that they can hang on their wall or snuggle under together on a cold night is one example. Other examples include a piece of fine art such as an oil painting or sculpture, an antique piece of furniture such as a rocking chair or secretary, or perhaps a family heirloom that they can keep and eventually pass down.

Upgrade the Honeymoon

Find out from a close friend or relative where the couple will be staying or what flight they are on. Arrange for their airline seats to be upgraded to first class, or upgrade their room to a suite. If they are already traveling first class and have a suite, then purchase gift certificates to one of the finer restaurants at their destination.

Complimentary spa certificates or flowers and champagne delivered to their room are also a nice touch.

Breakfast in Bed

Purchase a breakfast-in-bed tray and add a basket of waffle mixes, syrups, homemade jams and jellies, and a waffle iron. Include gourmet coffee and teas and a coffee grinder in the package. Adding a bud vase and a subscription to the Sunday paper makes for many long, lazy, weekend mornings.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sounds a little difficult doesn’t it? Have you ever stayed in a luxury hotel with soft, fluffy pillows and snuggly, down comforters? That provides some of the best sleep ever. Make a package that consists of two of the most luxurious pillows you can find. Add a package of Egyptian-cotton sheets with a high thread count and then complete the gift with a thick, downy comforter

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Gift Certificate Ideas

Category : Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts, the recipient can often be hard to shop for. Perhaps you need to give a gift to a co-worker or a business associate that you do not know very well. Maybe the recipient is a child or teen and you have no clue about their interests. Or perhaps, the person you are purchasing a gift for has interests and hobbies that you have no idea about. That is when gift certificates and gift cards come in handy.

When To Buy A Gift Card

Teens seem to be happy when an adult has chosen to buy a gift card for them. Teens have definite ideas about their clothing, music, and movie choices. Often, they’d prefer that you buy a gift card and allow them to pick the gift to their own taste, which seems to change on a day-by-day basis.

Some of the best online gift cards for teens include those to teen-friendly websites or gaming sites. Whether you choose to send gift card in the mail or send it online, it is guaranteed to be a hit. If you are unsure about their favorite online or brick-and-mortar shops, send a generic gift card that allows them to spend their gift at any establishment.

American Express is an excellent source forbuying a gift card online. Forget about the traditional, green-looking American Express card. Today you can pick from tons of designs for any occasion, and they have options for business and personal gift giving.

I use American Express Gift Cards them because they don’t have any of those secret monthly fees that eat away at the balance, and the card never expires. They also have personalized gift cards if you want to have the persons name embossed into the card. I think it is a classy touch for business use.

When To Give A Gift Certificate

Gift certificates generally work best for adults. It used to be that a gift certificate, unlike a gift card, was usually given for a specific item or good, but now they can be used to purchase any gift in the store. A gift certificate requires more thought than a gift card.

Giving a business gift certificate is a good choice for your boss or co-workers.

For women, consider gift certificates to an exclusive spa or nail salon. For men, a thoughtful gesture would be gift certificates to the local coffee house or to an exclusive men’s shop.

As a HR executive, I speak from experience when I say DineWise is one of my favorite business gift certificates. We send them to employees that are having babies, as rewards and recognition of outstanding efforts, and during the holidays for client relations. They are always well received.

Colorado Prime Steaks is another great gift certificate idea for a guy or business associate. It is one of my favorite corporate gift ideas. This company sells all natural gourmet steaks with quality you can’t get from your local supermarket. I have business associates that tell me all year long how much they look forward to getting their holiday gifts of amazing steaks.

Gifting a loved one or spouse is another time when a gift certificate shows more thought than a gift card. If your significant other is a movie buff, considermovie gift certificates to the local movie house. Combine those with gift certificates to a favorite restaurant and you not only have a gift your loved one will enjoy, you may also have a special date night.

Other Gift Certificate Ideas

Other gift certificate ideas include giving gift certificates to the local hobby shop if the recipient is into a specific hobby such as miniature furniture, or ship or airplane building. If the recipient is a sewing enthusiast, a gift certificate to the local yarn shop is an idea. Here the recipient can purchase yarn, thread, patterns, or other items.

Gift certificate ideas are only limited by your imagination. For the car enthusiast consider a gift certificate to the local NASCAR driving track. A golf enthusiast would love gift certificates for buckets of balls or green fees at the local golf course or driving range, while someone who loves to read will be very enthusiastic over a gift certificate to a bookstore.

You can purchase many gift certificates online, so if the recipient lives far away order the gift certificates online and arrange to have them delivered via e-mail or have them delivered to the recipient’s home. You can also support local small businesses by purchasing a business gift certificate that can be used for a small town business.

These ideas include clothing gift certificates to a local boutique clothing store or the local sweet shop. Generally, the local mall offers gift certificates that are good for any store in the mall. If you have to purchase a gift for someone you do not know very well, a mall gift certificate is a wonderful idea. This type of gift certificate gives the recipient a variety of shops to choose from. The recipient is sure to find something that will interest him or her.

Even if you do not know the recipient very well, by purchasing gift certificates online or looking for the best online gift cards, you are sure to find something that he or she will appreciate and enjoy.

Just remember that whether you send gift card or gift certificates, if you present them attractively in an embellished envelope or box, the recipient will feel as if you took a great deal of time on the gift. This makes the gift certificate or gift card feel more personal to the recipient.

Gift certificates are best given to adults, co-workers, bosses and loved ones, while gift cards seem to be the ideal gift for teens. By remembering this rule of thumb, you are assured that whoever receives your gift is not offended.

You want to appear to have put a great deal of thought into your gift and by presenting gift certificates aimed at the person’s likes and dislikes, you are showing that your gift is thoughtful and meaningful. You are also showing that you have good taste.

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Gift Basket Ideas

Category : Gifts

Gourmet Food Gift Basket Ideas

Finally, a food gift basket is a gift that will be appreciated. Consider a food theme when designing your basket. For the breakfast lover a food gift basket with pancake mixes, syrups, jams, jellies, and coffee is an idea.DineWise is one of our most popular prepared meal gifts.

It is always best if you design your own basket because it shows that the gift is from the heart. However, if you are not the crafty type, there are many places that can design and deliver elegant gift baskets for you. Also visit our Gourmet Food Gift Ideas.

Gift Basket Ideas

Whether you need to purchase a gift for a friend, family member, or co-worker, gift baskets are a wise choice. They can be arranged for any holiday or special occasion and can be personalized to the taste of the recipient. The possibilities are endless.

Gourmet Gift Basket Ideas

The wisest choice to show someone you care is one of the many different varieties of gourmet gift baskets. A gourmet gift basket simply needs to contain hard-to-obtain delights and delicacies. For the seafood lover, a gourmet gift basket with smoked oysters or Maryland crab cakes is a wonderful idea.

Unique Gift Basket Ideas

Another gift basket idea is the unique gift basket, designed with the recipient in mind. The themes for a unique gift basket are endless. Construct a movie night gift basket and include popcorn, soda, move theater candy, and then either DVDs or a one-month membership to Netflix.

For the puzzle and game lover, consider a unique gift basket that contains crossword puzzles and Sudoku books, along with pencils and erasers. Add some inexpensive games such as Farkle or classic Monopoly. As long as you know your recipients’ tastes, you will be able to design a gift basket that is personal and thoughtful.

Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with the hobbies and interests of your recipient. There are plenty of other gift basket ideas that will please even the most discriminating. Also see Unique Gift Ideas.

Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas

A chocolate gift basket is a good choice for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a Birthday, or any other holiday or event that needs a gift. Choose from high-quality chocolates such as Lindt or Godiva. Make sure you have an assortment of chocolates such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cooking and baking chocolate, and white chocolate. Mix the chocolate gift basket up a bit. Add truffles, bars, and other chocolate goodies.

Fruit Gift Basket Ideas

Fruit gift baskets are always delicious and nutritious. Look for fruits that are in season or order fruits from areas of the country that are known for having them year-round. Citrus fruits can almost always be attained from both Florida and California.

Fresh berries and grapes are a nice addition to the traditional citrus. Add in some unique fruits such as papaya or star fruit for a bonus. Throw in a fruit peeler and perhaps some dipping sauces such as caramel or chocolate and watch the fruit gift basket go from nice to decadent.

Coffee Gift Basket Ideas

If the recipient is one of those who is always in need of a caffeine fix, consider a coffee gift basket. Buy a thick, heavy mug, an assortment of different varieties of coffee, and perhaps some flavored creamers. You can also go extra-special and add whole beans and a grinder or a French press. Another nice touch would be to add some muffin mixes or biscotti to the basket. Also visit Coffee Gift Ideas.

Cheese Gift Basket Ideas

A cheese gift basket is a wonderful gift for the gourmand in your life. Look for imported cheeses and consider adding wine or fruit to the mix. Apricots pair well with brie as do raspberries. Pears and Swiss cheese are a delicious snack, as are apples with a cheddar.

Look for cheeses that have been imported from Switzerland, France, or the Netherlands. For cheddars, Wisconsin cheeses are a cheese lovers delight. Along with fruit, consider adding some summer sausages and some hearty wheat crackers. Also Visit Cheese Gift Ideas.

Cookie Gift Basket Ideas

Cookie gift baskets are delicious. Homemade cookies are the best and say that the gift is heart-felt. However, if you do not trust your baking skills, look to an up-scale bakery to provide your cookie needs.

A cookie gift basket should incorporate simple cookies such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal cookies, as well as exotic cookies such as French lace cookies or ginger-spiced cookies. Homemade cookie mixes provide a nice touch. Pack the mixes in cute jars and include the amount of wet ingredients needed and cooking time on the labels.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

A Christmas gift basket will be welcomed around the holidays. Instead of the traditional fruit and nuts, consider a basket containing a ham or a gift certificate for a ham, a homemade stuffing mixture with instructions for adding wet ingredients and baking, and goodies such as fudge or coffee cakes. Wrap it in a festive holiday paper and add a bow and you have an elegant gift sure to please even the most discriminating. Also visitChristmas Gift Ideas.

Get Well Soon Gift Basket Ideas

If you have a friend, co-worker, or loved one who is feeling ill, bring them some joy with a get-well basket. Include things such as ginger-ale, a cuddly throw, and some magazines.

Another nice touch to add to a get well gift basket is balloons and flowers. A mug and a card to let them know you are thinking of them is nice as well and is sure to bring a smile to even the sickest of patients. Also visitGet Well Soon Gift Ideas.

Tea Gift Basket Ideas

If you know that your recipient is not fond of coffee, but still enjoys hot beverages, consider a tea gift basket. There are many varieties of tea available. Get a wide assortment of teas and a tea strainer. If your basket is large enough, a small tea kettle is a nice touch.

There are over 100 different varieties of teas on the market for you to choose from. A few fresh lemons will also add a touch of class. You can also visit our Tea Gift Ideas page for more selections.

Gourmet Food Gift Basket Ideas

Finally, a food gift basket is a gift that will be appreciated. Consider a food theme when designing your basket. For the breakfast lover a food gift basket with pancake mixes, syrups, jams, jellies, and coffee is an idea.DineWise is one of our most popular prepared meal gifts.

It is always best if you design your own basket because it shows that the gift is from the heart. However, if you are not the crafty type, there are many places that can design and deliver elegant gift baskets for you.

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Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

Category : Gifts

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling helpless when a friend or loved one is sick. Whether they are in the hospital or sick at home, we all want to do something, anything, to make them feel better.

Often, there is nothing we can do other than give them some type of get well soon gift.Get well soon gifts remind the friend or loved one we are thinking of them and we care.

I like to go with traditional get well soon gift ideas on most occasions. Hot soup, fresh fruit, or flowers can brighten up anyone’s day. But if it were that easy, you probably wouldn’t be here, so I have listed some get well soon gifts that should work for you.

Get Well Gifts for Men

Men are the worst patients. A sick man has very little patience. He often feels as if he is being lazy, even when under a doctor’s order to rest and recover. Cheer him up and restore good spirits with some of these ideas.

1. Books or magazines- Many men enjoy reading, but never take the time to do so. Since he is laid up recovering, give him some books or magazines he will enjoy. Look for authors who specialize in “men-friendly fare.” John Grisham, Tom Clancy, and Stephen King are popular with men who read. If he’s not a reader, he has some hobby there is a magazine geared towards.

2. An action-packed get well gift basket- Get him a large basket and fill it with action movie DVDs, a personal DVD player, and a set of headphones. This is a get well gift basket that will keep him occupied and will not disturb his roommate if he is in the hospital.

3. Give him a break from hospital food- Home Bistro will deliver soups right to him. Is he on a low-sodium or low-calories diet? Gift him gourmet foods, or healthy meals from DineWise. Note: If he is in the hospital, please check with the doctor before bringing him food.
4. Is he into gaming?- Gift the sick “game geek” with a handheld game console, an assortment of games, and a few snacks such as pretzels and candy. Even if he can’t enjoy the snacks now, he will when he recovers. If he is not a gamer, look for other unique get well gifts based on his personality.

Get Well Gifts for Women

It’s easier to buy get well soon gifts for women. Women have more patience and know they need time to rest and recover.

1. Help at home- Sick women worry about their homes and families. Consider unique get well gifts such as cleaning their homes for them or having gourmet meals from DineWise delivered to their families. Choose from several tasty and delicious soups from Home Bistro for the female patient. Lifting the worry off them about their home and family is one of the best get well gifts you can give.

2. Flowers- Women love flowers, so get well soon flowers make sense. Hand-craft a bouquet and let her know you are thinking of her. If she has a roommate in the hospital who may be allergic to flowers, a get well soon balloon bouquet is just as nice.

3. Spa Baskets- I know from personal experience, when a woman is sick, she feels worse if her body and hair feel dirty. Why not gift her with get well soon baskets filled with pampering shower accessories? Look for herbal-based soaps and shampoos in scents that make her feel better, such as lavender or eucalyptus. Offer to help her shower and bathe, if needed.

4. Time killers- Being sick can become monotonous, so gift her with time killers. Books, magazines, “chick-flick” DVDs, mp3 players loaded with her favorite music, and puzzle books such as trivia or crossword puzzles can help her fill time. These can also be arranged into a get well gift basket.

Get Well Soon Gifts for Children

Keeping a sick child occupied is difficult. Children have trouble understanding why they must stay in bed and stay quiet. Children bore easily and need constant stimulation of some type.

1. Flowers- Believe it or not, children love to receive “delivered” flowers. Pick unique get well soon flowers that are bright and cheery. I recently sent a sick niece a bouquet of riotous sunflowers with a stuffed bee that said “Bee Well.” She loved it.

2. Gift Baskets- Order get well soon baskets that are centered around a child’s tastes. Look for baskets that feature popular characters such as Spongebob or Barbie.

3. Cookies and candy- If allowed, cookie and candy gifts break the monotony of a hospital diet.

4. Boredom busters- Puzzles, games that can be played with others such as Uno or Operation, books and magazines, or journals are just a few of the many suggestions. If the child is too young to read, try audio books. DVDs and CDs are also popular. Look for movies that make them laugh and hold their interest. The Toy Story trilogy is appropriate for all ages, as is Despicable Me.